Referral Scheme

You could receive a reward worth £250 by simply referring a friend or colleague to Classic Folios! We welcome both UK and international contacts.

Making a referral is easy!

Just complete the form for every contact you think we should talk to and our team will do the rest. Remember to include as much information in the ‘Why are you recommending us?’ box to help us make the right introduction.

Of course, if you prefer to make the introduction yourself, please do so and make sure your friend mentions your name when they contact us – you will then be entitled to receive your reward in exactly the same way.

Connect us with someone you think Classic Folios could help and, as a thank you, we will send you £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers for each qualified referral that results in an order.

Of course, if you would prefer, you can choose to have a £250 donation to a charity of your choice.
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