Spaciable is more than your average online property portal.

It’s a dynamic information and management resource, providing 24/7 instant access to everything you need to fully utilise your property, whether that be purchase, sale, rental or simply enjoying living in your home.

My Journey.

Guiding homebuyers through each stage of the process, My Journey is like a virtual tour guide, designed to maximise the productivity of your sales and customer service teams, while making the process the exciting journey it should be for buyers.  

This contactless tool ensures no handholding is required from the developer, minimises the need for face-to-face meetings and offers buyers the flexibility to work through the process at home in their own time.

Interactive Timeline.

My Journey guides your homebuyers from reservation to completion and beyond through an interactive timeline.

Create Confident Buyers.

Buying a home can be a daunting process. But with My Journey, something daunting becomes something exciting.

·  Reassuring buyers of what they need to be doing at any given point in the process, in incredibly digestible bite-size chunks
·   Motivating buyers through a visual indicator of progress
·   Creating self-sufficient buyers who don’t need to bombard your teams with queries
·   Ensuring deadlines are met and tasks don’t slip through the cracks

Your Brand, Your Voice.

We specialise in bespoke.

We want the buyer to be able to step out of the sales office and log in to My Journey, and realise they are interacting with the same brand.

·   Keeping terminology and tone of voice consistent
·    Avoiding contradictions in processes
·    Elevating your brand through elite presentation and content
·    Enhancing the experience for homebuyers and homeowners

More Money, Fewer Problems.

A common complaint from sales agents concerns how much of their time is taken up dealing with repetitive queries and issues from buyers.

My Journey gives you that time back.

·     Enabling your teams to make the best possible use of their resources
·     Reducing costs stemming from repetitive admin
·     Allowing staff to focus on new sales and profitability

How To.

Give your customers access to hundreds of handy articles that provideinspiration on all things home, from recipes and cleaning tips to lifestyleand design ideas. The articles are updated on a regular basis toimprove customer engagement with Spaciable and your brand.

Home Designer.

Home Designer allows the buyer to envisage the rooms within theirnew build before the property even has walls.

At reservation stage, the buyer can load a floor plan, before addingfurniture to experiment with the layout and play around with differentconfigurations. This enhances the bond between the buyer and theirnew build, and will strengthen their relationship with the developer.


We know that moving can be stressful. Luckily, Spaciable Services canhelp relieve some of the pressure. Working with a number of trustedsuppliers, Spaciable can source exclusive quotes for various services, fromenergy suppliers to landscape gardeners. Whatever your homebuyersneed, we have it covered.

Area Guide.

Residents can access a wealthof local information, from nearby schools and their Ofsted ratings tothe best places to eat and drink.

From the point of sale, through reservation, completion and beyond, your customers have their very own local expert for the surrounding area, making settling into a new neighbourhood easy and fun.

Your sales agents can also access the information to help build theirknowledge of the area when selling homes on the development.

Buyers' Club.

It pays to be part of a club – quite literally with Buyers’ Club.  

Through exclusive deals and offers, your homeowners will be able to save money after investing in a new home (and your brand).

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