Buying a new build is an exciting process but alongside that excitement comes a LOT of information.  

So this information doesn’t get mislaid, misplaced or misremembered, Spaciable’s Essentials features arms each homeowner with a wealth of information bespoke to their home, on demand.  From RAL codes to model numbers, and from appliance user manuals to safety certificates, this information helps create confident homeowners who are fully engaged with their new build!


The dashboard provides an overview of Spaciable's features, enabling homebuyers and homeowners to quickly navigate to the feature they require

Acting as each home’s control room, the Dashboard offers windows into what each feature offers. The layout gives homebuyers and homeowners quick access to key information about their home. It also offers a user friendly format, which points homebuyers in the right direction for any queries, minimising costly phone calls to your customer service teams.

Home Tour.

Home Tour uses 3D photography to capture the buyer’s new home, so they can explore it at their leisure!  This incredible feature can be tagged with videos, to create on demand Home Demonstrations, and even viewed using a VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

Whether homebuyers are unable to visit the site in person or just want to show off their new home to friends and family, the Home Tour places them in their new surroundings, without having to leave the comfort of their sofa.


Rooms details each plot’s fixtures and finishes, providing an easy point of reference for homeowners checking what paint was used on their hallway walls, for example, providing an invaluable tool for any future DIY.


From links to register manufacturer warranties to downloadable user manuals and energy ratings, Appliances is designed to help homeowners keep the ovens hot, the fridges cool and customer service phone calls to a minimum!


Through exclusive deals and offers, your homeowners will be able to save money after investing in a new home (and your brand).

We appreciate that some issues require a phone call. To ensure your customers get the quickest possible resolution and to avoid callsbeing passed from person to person, Spaciable’s digital address book directs users to the most suitable contact, be that customer care, the concierge or the water supplier, while offering an instant click and call option for mobile users. You can also update your contact section, allowing you to keep key contacts up to date and at the top of the listfor each stage of the buying process and during the aftercare period.


Spaciable’s document library is not only preloaded with key documents relating to each home, it also allows homeowners to upload their own, providing an easy-to-access, secure place for all their home paperwork.

This functionality gives homeowners the ability to browse operation manuals, care and maintenance guides, warranty documents,energy certificates and more, providing the answers to many of the questions they may have as they settle into their new home.

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