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Our award-winning handover solutions help you to build long-term engagement with your brand, support sales and reduce the number of costly queries to your customer service teams.

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We tailor design, tone of voice and terminology to match your brand.  Your brandexperience will feel like your brand experience with our white labelled products.

Save Time & Money

Reduce the number of costly queries to your customer services and sales teams, putting money back in your pocket.

Improved Journey

Our handholding solutions improve workflow and guide your customers through processes, getting all parties to the final destination quicker and minimising fall-throughs.

Take advantage of a wealth of plot-specific data and support features, including a document library, a notifications module, informative FAQs, articles and email updates, and a key contact directory.  Spaciable can also provide specific services for property professionals and residents alike, connecting you with agents, developers and much more!

Take advantage of a wealth of plot-specific data and support features, including a document library, a notifications module, informative FAQs, articles and email updates, and a key contact directory.  Spaciable can also provide specific services for property professionals and residents alike, connecting you with agents, developers and much more!

How can we help?

With over 26 years’ experience, we’ve helped 250+ clients in various housing sectors.  

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Our constantly evolving portal, Spaciable, along with our expertly written reservation and completion manuals, familiarise your customers with your processes and their new home, providing the first point of reference whenever a query arises.

Save Time

Minimise expense

Provide buyers with a seamless journey

5 Star Customer Service

Brand improvement, shared customer experiences and referrals

Shorten the sales cycle and push more sales through

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Housing Association

Our products maximise efficiency and ensure your customers are clued up on processes and maintenance guidelines, providing the first point of reference whenever a query arises.

Save Time

Minimise expense

Track recurring queries and property maintenance issues, and effortlessly improve response time

Improve health and safety and customer service standards

Reduce claims of negligence

Elevate your brand reputation by demonstrating a culture of care and support

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Build to Rent

Our products ensure your tenants are familiar with their responsibilities, helping to maintain the value of properties while effortlessly providing exceptional customer care that gives you an edge over competing landlords.

Build your service and brand image

Keep on top of regulations and avoid fines

Collect payments by Direct Debit

View property reports with a click of a button

Access everything about your properties and tenants in one place

Demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile for tenants

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Main Contractor

Provide great customer service to both the end user and your direct customer

Include a defect management system as standard in your project delivery

Offer a handover solution that fits your chosen branding

Deal with one supplier, who will take on the associated workload on your behalf

Elevate your reputation within the industry

Free up time and resources to pursue new contracts while we take care of your handovers

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6 Steps of The
Customer Journey

Get the ball rolling by helping potential buyers find solicitors, conveyancers and IFAs, sharing details of a property’s features, and enabling deposit and documentation to be completed online.


Achieve final sales quicker, reduce buyer remorse, and keep customers engaged and informed at this crucial stage through a guided workflow.


Improve your handover and give buyers all the information they need about their new home from day one.


Support your new homeowners in the early days without costly customer service calls, by providing comprehensive yet accessible guidance.


Make your brand synonymous with continued customer care, as a house becomes a home, through continued access to FAQs, maintenance advice, system instructions, and DIY tips and ideas.


Keep your brand in the homeowner’s mind when they make their next property purchase, having provided an exceptional experience.


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We Are Delighted to Welcome WElink On-board!

We're very excited to welcome our latest client on-board - WElink Homes is an innovative developer of sustainable homes that deploys Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to deliver high quality design and architecture, leading energy performance and manufacturing excellence.

WElink's order comprises Reservation Manuals, plot-specific Completion Manuals, Document Boxes, USBs containing digital documentation and Spaciable Elite, providing their homebuyers with homebuying and handover process that is as informative as it is accessible, while showcasing WElink's commitment to the gold standard of customer care!

We look forward to working with WElink across their progressive projects!

Classic Folios Accredited by the Good Business Charter

We’re delighted to have been accredited by the Good Business Charter (GBC), in recognition of our responsible business practices.

The GBC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that advocates and supports businesses that exhibit conscientious behaviour.  Supported by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the GBC benefits from the expertise of leading figures from the world of commerce.

The accreditation recognises our welcoming and inclusive working environment for employees, as well as environmental responsibility, tax commitments and ethical sourcing and practices when sourcing suppliers, providing peace of mind to any partnering companies or prospective employees that they are in safe hands with us!

Classic Folios Becomes One of the First NHQB Accredited Content Suppliers for Developers

Classic Folios has become one of the first New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) accredited suppliers of content for property developers, aligning the market-leading reservation and handover content provided to homebuyers with the new framework designed to elevate customer service in the property industry.

The New Homes Quality Board is an independent non-profit organisation established to drive build quality and customer care reforms in the new build market, following concerns around the level of service provided to homebuyers, through the New Homes Quality Code – a set of carefully considered principles that registered developers must adhere to.  

These principles include assurances around a developers’ responsiveness, transparency of information and fairness of customer care, with a particular emphasis on the provision of information in a written format at reservation and completion, meaning many developers’ existing processes will have to be upgraded to a higher standard.

Classic Folios – the property industry’s go-to resource for exceptional handover and customer care solutions for over 26 years – has closely followed the New Homes Quality Code since its consultation period, ensuring the content they produce meets the requirements of the Code and the New Homes Ombudsman Service, while helping clients keep up-to-date with any developments around the Code.  This included offering free consultations to ensure developers’ existing content was aligned with the proposed Code.  Once the Code was formally published, they worked with developers including Redrow and Sigma Homes, who have registered with the NHQB, to amend their content to meet the new Code’s criteria.  

Following an assessment period, Classic Folios achieved NHQB accreditation in a major endorsement of the company’s Reservation and Completion Manuals, and award-winning Spaciable portal, as the preeminent handover solutions to comply with the New Homes Quality Code, having already supported over 250 developers on hundreds of thousands of new build homes.  

The New Homes Quality Code places significant emphasis on the provision of written information for homebuyers, making Classic Folios’ service an invaluable resource for developers, who can not only rely on Classic Folios to steer their customer care and handover in the appropriate direction but consolidate subsequent processes in market-leading content.  Classic Folios’ track record working with the Consumer Code for Home Builders, NHBC and the former Code for Sustainable Homes will provide peace of mind to developers in search of a Code compliant solution.

Classic Folios’ Reservation and Completion Manuals have been influential resources used by developers including Berkeley Group, Hill Residential, Redrow Homes, Cala Homes and Battersea Power Station to on-board their homebuyers and help them settle into their new homes.  Each manual is plot-specific, designed to match either developer or development branding, and written in the developer’s tone of voice by Classic Folios’ expert team of Editors.

The manuals feature vital information that helps manage both developers’ and homebuyers’ expectations, while also advising them of their respective responsibilities, to minimise delays, customer queries and issues down the line.

Spaciable – the digital arm of Classic Folios – is a turnkey SaaS product that helps developers to digitise their processes, increasing efficiency, while saving time and money, as well as providing a highly accessible resource of information for homebuyers, through FAQs, specifications, an interactive library, a local area guide, a defect reporting tool, and much more.  The portal also improves communication between customer care teams and homebuyers, through a notifications feature and an interactive calendar.  This functionality enables developers to achieve compliance and market-leading customer service easily and quickly.

Speaking on the accreditation, David Graydon, CEO of Classic Folios and Spaciable said:

“We are incredibly excited to be joining forces with the New Homes Quality Board.  Being the first content supplier to receive NHQB accreditation was a major endorsement of our market-leading content, and a sign of the trust placed in us to help the NHQB raise standards amongst developers to ultimately improve the homebuying experience.”

Leon Livermore, Chief Executive Officer at New Homes Quality Board, said:

“We are delighted to be welcoming Classic Folios as one of our first accredited content suppliers for developers. Not only are they classified among some of industry’s best assets in providing transparency and quality in customer content, but we also have complete trust that Classic Folios share the same goal as us in creating a better future for consumers in the built environment.”

To find out how Classic Folios can help you ensure compliance with the New Homes Quality Code, fill in the form at

For more information on the New Homes Quality Board, visit their website at or contact the team at

We are delighted to welcome The PG Group to the Classic Folios family!

We’re delighted to have partnered with The PG Group to provide them with bespoke folios, debossed with the elegant PG Group logo and affixed with custom address plates, as well as paper over board magnetic document boxes featuring matching branding.

These storage options are an ideal handover solution, collating key documents in an easily accessible format for new homeowners, and conveying the kind of professionalism and dedication to customer care every developer should strive toward.

The PG Group has built homes for over 20 years throughout the South West, Midlands and South Wales, with an emphasis on innovative, community-centric developments, as well as restoration of historic buildings.

It’s a pleasure to be working with this conscientious and forward-thinking developer, who are helping to create thriving communities.

We are delighted to welcome Newland Homes to the Classic Folios and Spaciable family!

We’re delighted to have partnered with Newland Homes – one of the UK’s top 75 homebuilders that has grown from a local developer to a major name across the West and South West of England, with over 200 developments and 2,500 homes under their belt!

We will be providing Newland Homes with our award-winning portal, Spaciable, alongside bespoke Homeowner Manuals, presented on Lenovo tablets, giving their homebuyers a truly memorable handover!

We are excited to see the impact our homeowner solutions have on Newland Homes’ customer care for all new developments launching in 2023.

We are delighted to welcome Dundas Estates to the Spaciable family!

We are delighted to welcome Dundas Estates to the Spaciable family.

The Scottish developer specialises in well-designed, high-value homes in carefully selected locations.

Their commitment to delivering the best possible service throughout the homebuying journey and helping the environment will now be supported by our award-winning portal, following their order of 500 plots on Spaciable Elite with access to defect reporting.

Spaciable Elite is our most comprehensive package, with admins and home users benefitting from the full suite of features, including:

  • Fully white-labelled design
  • Plot-specific finishes and appliances, separated by room
  • Key contacts
  • FAQs (including the ability to customise)
  • Local area guide
  • Exclusive deals and offers
  • Interactive calendar
  • Notifications

And much more!

Added as an optional extra, the defect reporting tool allows homeowners to report issues within the developer liability period via a symptom checker, helping site staff determine the most suitable course of action, thereby saving costs caused by unnecessary call-outs.

We are excited to be working with Dundas Estates and look forward to many productive years of partnership!

HBF Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores - 92% of Developers Who We Work With Score At Least 4 Stars

The Rolling Stones certainly weren't singing about new builds when it came to satisfaction - or lack thereof!

The latest National New Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey from The Home Builders Federation, NHBC and Homes for Scotland made very pleasing reading, with 92% of the developers we work with on the list receiving four or five stars, including:

  • Cala Homes
  • Cavanna Homes
  • Countryside Properties
  • Davidsons Homes
  • Duchy Homes
  • Hayfield Homes
  • Hill Residential
  • Kingswood Homes
  • McCarthy Stone
  • Norfolk Homes
  • Redrow Group
  • Riverdale Developments
  • Stonebond Properties Ltd

If you want to make sure you're giving your customers five star service, book a call-back today!

We are delighted to welcome Hive Homes to the Classic Folios family!

Hive Homes has just signed an order for 128 folios with completion manuals, covering 4 developments across a 2 year period.

Our completion manuals are the ideal way to ensure new homeowners are well-equipped to make the most of their new surroundings when they move in, while our handmade folios reflect an elite brand.

We are very excited to start working with the Manchester-based developer!

Muse Developments orders 178 folios with completion manuals and Spaciable Pro

We are delighted that Muse Developments has placed an order for 178 folios with completion manuals and Spaciable Pro for their Atelier development in Salford!

We have worked with Muse Developments for a number of years and Atelier looks to be another exciting development of apartments and townhouses in a fantastic location.

With our award-winning portal and market-leading content, the new homeowners will be well-equipped to make the most of their new surroundings from day one!

McCarthy Stone Retirement Group

We are delighted to have received an order from McCarthy Stone Retirement Group for 1,200 completion folios and document boxes, covering30 developments.

McCarthy Stone are a cherished client who we have a fantastic relationship with.

The Homeowners’ Guides we provide them with have helped thousands of homeowners settle into their new surroundings, making the most of the fantastic facilities and services provided by McCarthy Stone, as well as the local area.

Needless to say, we are humbled by the continued trust McCarthy Stone places in our products and services, and we look forward to many more years working together.

If you want to find out more about how our products can be tailored to your needs, why not book a 15 minute call-back, here?

Legal & General has ordered 31 iPads for their Buckler’s Park and Finchwood Park developments.

We are thrilled to be providing fully configured iPads with completion manuals for the happy homebuyers at Legal & General’s Buckler’s Park and Finchwood Park developments. 

iPads are a great way to go the extra mile for your customers, while helping them becoming self-sufficient with all the information they need to know about their new home pre-loaded. 

Find out more about the impact iPads can have on your handover process by booking a call-back, here.

Kingswood Homes has ordered Spaciable Pro with reservation and completion manuals for a new development and a new phase

We are thrilled that Kingswood Homes continues to engage with our award-winning Spaciable portal, by ordering access with reservation and completion manuals for their new Hawthorns development, as well as the third phase of The Market Quarter. 

Find out why Spaciable is a great way to present your handover materials by booking a call-back, here.

Laragh Homes has ordered Spaciable Pro and folios with reservation and completion manuals for their next four developments.

We are pleased to be providing Spaciable Pro access and reservation and completion folios for Laragh Homes’ St Stephen’s Place, Paradise Pool, Thriplow and 303 Histon Road developments.

Combining printed manuals with Spaciable is a great way to cover all bases when it comes to handovers and we look forward to helping Laragh Homes create an unforgettable customer experience.

Find out how we can combine our products to tailor the perfect solution for you, by booking a call-back, here.

Hill Residential orders Spaciable Pro, A5 Quick Reference Booklets, reservation and completion manuals, and document boxes for 779 plots.

We have a great working relationship with Hill Residential and are excited to provide the handover materials for their latest fantastic developments.


Find out how our award-winning portal, Spaciable, can elevate your handover process by booking a call-back, here.

Robertson Homes signs a rolling contract for Spaciable Lite

Having enjoyed the benefits of Spaciable for 17developments, Robertson Homes has signed a rolling contract to call off developments on the portal for a 12 month period.

We are thrilled Robertson Homes continues to view Spaciable as an important part of their processes and we are excited to keep working with them.

Book a call-back, here, to find out how Spaciable can elevate your aftercare process, while saving you time and money.

Bewley Homes has added 68 plots to their Spaciable order

We enjoy a great relationship with Bewley Homes and it is exciting to see Spaciable becoming an important part of their handover process.

Find out how Spaciable can help you deliver an elite customer experience, while saving time and money, by booking a call-back, here.

Robertson Developments orders folios and manuals for four developments

We are excited to continue working with Robertson Developments, after they placed a re-order for 45 folios and manuals across 4 developments.

Book a call-back, here, to find out how we can take your handovers to the next level.


Mersea Homes orders Spaciable Lite for two developments

We are pleased to be providing Mersea Homes with access to Spaciable Lite for 29 plots across two developments.

Book a call-back, here, to find out how Spaciable can play a key role in your handover process.

Fusion Residential orders iPads, Spaciable and completion manuals for new development.

We are delighted to be providing Fusion Residential with iPads housed in branded presentation boxes, document boxes, Spaciable and completion manuals for the nine properties at the 22 Beech Hill Residences and Spa development.

The beautifully presented iPads reflect the opulence of the Hadley Wood development and we are thrilled to be part of such a prestigious address.

To find out how our products can be tailored to suit your projects and elevate your brand, please book a call-back, here.

FABRICA places large re-order for the year

We are excited to continue our relationship with the fantastic developer of homes in London and the South East.

Book a call today to find out how our bespoke folios and manuals have helped hundreds of developers hand over their homes.

Hambridge Homes places re-order for Spaciable Pro

We are excited to continue working with Hambridge Homes.

Book a call today to find out how Spaciable can revolutionise your handover process, while saving you time and money.

We are delighted to be working with Stagfield

We are delighted to be working with Stagfield – a developer of high quality, sustainable homes – by providing them with access to Spaciable Pro for 38 plots with reservation and completion manuals.

Spaciable is a great way for environmentally-conscious developers to provide all of the information a homebuyer needs, while helping to achieve their sustainable targets. We look forward to working with Stagfield!  To find out more about Spaciable Pro and digital manuals, please book a call-back here.

We are excited to be working with Galliard Creative to provide them with folios for an award ceremony.

Our handmade folios are a great way to present content and can be customised to match your branding.  

To find out more about our folios, please book a call-back here

Launching Spaciable Legal

You may have read about it in the news, as it has already turned heads, with articles in Showhouse, Property Industry Eye and The Negotiator!

Spaciable Legal uses ground-breaking technology to take the conveyancing process online, drastically speeding up the buying process and saving developers and homebuyers time and money along the way.

The tool can be accessed by developers, solicitors and homebuyers, creating a one-stop shop for all aspects of the conveyancing process.

Homebuyers request and compare quotes from solicitors, from which developers can earn commission, before each party works through the various stages required to get to legal completion using the platform, including ID checks, local search results and exchange of contracts.

With full sets of search results taking an average of just seven days, processes become significantly streamlined, while the transparency of the tool removes the need for tedious chasing or growing frustration due to lack of progress.

The platform has enabled cases to complete on average 28% faster than the national average and has reduced fall-throughs by a massive 75%, so no time or money is wasted by any party.

Spaciable Legal is the latest development on Spaciable that allows us to offer an optimal, cost-effective, end-to-end PropTech solution that helps developer push through more sales and make the best use of their time, while giving homebuyers an incredible customer experience that elevates their brand.  To find out more or to arrange a demo, book a call-back here.

We welcome First Base

It has been a busy month for our Sales team, who have secured another order!

We are very excited to be working with First Base Limited – a mixed use developer who have projects in London, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

They have ordered a comprehensive package for their Edward Street Quarter development, comprising Spaciable Pro, Reservation and Completion Manuals, How To Videos and 3D Walkthroughs.  Our solution will be used for their private, affordable and build to rent homes.

How To Video and 3D Walkthroughs are the perfect accompaniment to Spaciable.  With video being such an important tool for marketing and information, professionally produced and presented instructional videos on maintenance and operation of finishes and system, tagged to a 3D walkthrough of a property, provide a greaten-demand solution that pre-empts countless common queries.

If you would like to find out more about any of our digital or video solutions, please contact our Sales team at or on 0238062 6280, or speak to your Account Manager.

CALA Group Ltd place large order for digital and physical handover solutions.

In the latest chapter of our exciting partnership with CALA Group Ltd, we are thrilled to be providing them with Spaciable Pro, including a digital Purchase Guide and Completion manuals for another 3,000 plots.

We have built a great relationship with CALA Group over the past seven years, so it is extremely gratifying that they continue to put their faith in our products, having added Spaciable to their order in the past few years.

With CALA Group active in so many regions, Spaciable is the perfect way for admins to effortlessly oversee multiple developments and connect with their buyers from reservation through to completion and beyond.

Spaciable Pro is stacked with great features that help homeowners become self-sufficient, through FAQs, details of their fixtures and fittings, an interactive document library, key contacts, a defect reporting tools, an area guide, access to exclusive deals on products and services, and much more.

Their new Purchase Guide will act as a digital handholding tool throughout the reservation process.

For homeowners, this means instant access to solutions and information.

For developers, this means more efficient processes and use of resources, so efforts can be focused on proactive customer service and securing new sales.

We are incredibly excited to continue working with CALA Group and look forward to helping their homeowners settle into their beautiful new homes.

Hill Residential place another order for digital and physical handover solutions.

We are thrilled to have taken another order from long-term client Hill Residential for Spaciable Pro, document boxes and 4D20 folios, including both Reservation and Completion Manuals.

The order covers their 125 Cambridge Road, The Pavilions, Trinity Gate, Malvern Rise and Fish Island Village developments.

Spaciable Pro is the ultimate solution to provide to homebuyers from the point of reservation, all the way through to completion and beyond.  Its wealth of features, including key contacts, an interactive document library, details of fixture sand fittings, a defect reporting tool, a local area guide, access to exclusive deals on products and services, and much more, elevate a developer’s customer service, while saving time and money by creating self-sufficient homeowners.

By providing their homebuyers with both access to Spaciable Pro and document boxes, as well as Reservation folios for select developments, Hill Residential is embracing the digital revolution, while still acknowledging the importance of providing a tangible product at handover – one that reflects the elite craftsmanship undertaken in the building of their new home.

Here’s to another exciting year of working with Hill Residential!

Our long, successful relationship with Norfolk Homes continues

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, there’s a lot to be said for providing homebuyers with a physical representation of exceptional customer care and our handmade folios are the ideal way to do it.

Housing our expertly written, bespoke Manuals, 4D40 folios also provide ample space for storing key documents, such as safety certificates, user manuals and warranty policies.

Featuring an engraved plate and the Norfolk Homes logo in silver blocking on the front, each folio will provide a reminder to the homeowner of an elite homebuying experience, while giving them the tools to familiarise themselves with their new home – from warranty and customer care details to drying out processes and maintenance advice.

We have provided Norfolk Homes with handover solutions for almost 15 years and it is always a pleasure working with them, so we are honoured by their continued show of faith in our service.

Life Less Ordinary

Spaciable will be used on their new sites, such as Solis Mews and Malt Works, along with two other developments.

Their brief to us was to introduce homeowner solutions that tie in with their innovative and high-quality builds, while also working with their demographic of young,tech-savvy buyers.


For that reason, Spaciable was the first choice. 


Being an online portal that is bespoke to each plot, Spaciable Pro gives the developer some brilliant tangible tools at their fingertips to keep their customers informed about their new homes.  It also boasts a wealth of functions, such as built-in snagging and defect management, plus notifications,leaving a full audit trail of every conversation the developer has had with the buyer/occupier. 

The new ‘My Journey’ feature allows the developer to handhold the buyer through their full journey, without relying on face-to-face meetings, helping to minimise delays and work to completion quicker.

All of these features, plus many more, can be bespoke to each developer, meaning you can switch on and off certain parts of the portal depending on your needs. 

If you want to appeal to younger, tech-savvy audience, pop us a DM and I’ll arrange for a 15 minute exploratory call with a member of our team, or if you can’t wait, you can just pop us an email for a call back at

Bewley Homes

Spaciable is so adaptable to your needs, it is hard to cover everything that it does without taking up too much of your time; however, we would love to tell you the key benefits:

·       Saves you time and money by streamlining communication and admin tasks, while creating self-sufficient homeowners

·       Eliminates the stress of items changing at the last minute – information can be updated by admins, creating a future-proof solution

·       Keeps your staff and customers safe by minimising face-to-face contact, without missing out on site visits, sales appointments or home demonstrations

·       Elevates the customer experience to help you stand out in a crowded market

The portal is built on our 25+ years of experience as the market leader in providing handover solutions. We know what works in the market and what your customers want:

·       White-labelled design to match your brand

·       Plot specific information, such as fixtures and finishes,and a document library

·       Troubleshooting tools, including FAQs, How To Articles, a defect reporting tool and key contacts

·       A guide to the nearest local amenities,exclusive quotes for domestic services and products, and a digital canvas for planning room layout

·       Ability to integrate videos (which we can also produce on your behalf!)

·       A digital handholding tool that guides your customers through from point of sale to settling in, minimising delays and making them feel valued

To discuss how Spaciable can breathe new life into your handover process or to book a demo, contact us today on 023 8062 6280 or by emailing

CALA Homes

Document boxes are a great addition to your handover package and can be used alongside our smaller completion manuals to hold bulky documents in one easy to access file.

They allow you to store documents, such as appliance manuals and certificates, separately from the completion manuals, while their specialist appendix system allows homeowners to quickly find information.

Your homeowners can keep important information to hand in one easy to access file to make life easier throughout their time in their home,retaining value and saving stress should they sell the property down the line.

They are available in various materials, from sturdy polypropylene boxes and creative paper-over-board boxes, to high quality leather cases with either soft or hard sides. They can be customised to feature your branding.  

As mentioned above, bespoke appendix pages, quick reference cards, printed dividers and heavy-duty wallets are also available to create stunning presentation options.  

To enquire about our boxes, please pop an email to

John Mitchell Joins Classic Folios

John will take up the position of Sales Manager and will help to support the Commercial team led by David Graydon.  

He will bring with him a strong account-based sales background and will be working closely with Marketing Manager, Kate Pickard, so you are likely to hear from him soon!

John Said: “I am eager to start my new role at Classic Folios and can’t wait to start working with you all.

I’m most excited about transferring my relationship-building skills to a new industry, so that I can optimise sales revenue and generate long-lasting relationships with key developers.

The intricacies of the UK property market provide a diverse range of lucrative opportunities for developers, investors and buyers alike, which in turn provides a great opportunity for a market leader like Classic Folios to really shine. 

I am confident my sales leadership, paired with my ability to develop strong relationships from the ground up, will prove to be a key factor in increasing market share and growth for the business.

I’m Excited for what the future holds and I can’t wait to get started.”

If You would like to contact John, you can do so by emailing or calling the office on 023 8062 6280.

Battersea Power Station Development Company

Battersea Power Station Development Company has seen the value in taking their printed content online and there is no better way to present this to your homebuyers than through Spaciable.  Spaciable is award-winning and is populated with content created by our dedicated Editorial Team and loaded with comprehensive functionality designed by our in-house Development team. 

 The new My Journey feature saves the developer time and money by offering a digital handholding service through each step of the buying or renting process, from the moment the customer sets their sights on their home to the day they get the keys, and beyond!  By breaking the process up into bite-size chunks and a progress bar, reminding customers what needs to be done before they can move to the next stage, buyers are motivated to keep the ball rolling, while ensuring nothing falls through the gaps to cause delays from a Sales team’s standpoint.  Each step can be customised to ensure it lines up with your process, tone of voice and terminology, so it doesn’t matter whether the customer walks into the sales office or logs on to Spaciable –everything is crystal clear and lines up with your brand.

 Spaciable also helps once the buyer has completed and moved in by tracking their snagging, providing defect management, and giving the buyer and developer a full communication platform to work from. Everyone is always on the same page at the same time, while reducing queries and calls to the aftercare team with Spaciable’s full FAQ section andself-serve functions. 

 If you’d like to learn more about Spaciable and take advantage, as Battersea have done, comment below or pop us an email to Why not join our family, too?

Urban Roc

Urban Roc has asked us to be part of their Park View and Headlands developments,through our online portal Spaciable, digital Completion Manuals and A5 Quick Reference Guides.  We look forward to working with them.

Spaciable,our award-winning portal, is bespoke to each plot, giving buyers all the details they need to know about their new homes at their fingertips, 24/7.  This is teamed with a digital Completion Manual,which will be uploaded to the portal, and a printed Quick Reference Guide.  Urban Roc has given their buyers the best handover experience going.

Ssassy Property

Ssassy Property is saving the planet one step at a time and we are pleased to help with our digital product, Spaciable.  Welcome to our family.

Ssassy Property has signed up to Spaciable for use within their Springfield Meadows development.  Ssassy Property is all about trying to help the planet, so teaming up with us to use Spaciable is going that one step further by minimising printing of things like manuals for appliances, which are all kept online, ready to be accessed 24/7 by their homeowners.

Kingswood Homes

We again welcome Kingswood Homes to our family and look forward to working with them on their new development.

Taking our award-winning portal, Spaciable, as well as Folios, Kingswood Homes is providing their buyers with all the information they need, both online and in print, and accessible 24/7.

Westfields Homes

Westfields Homes has recently renewed their contract with us, adding another development to the list with Completion Manuals and USBs.

Westfields Homes has ordered Completion Manuals, USBs and Document Boxes from us for another one of their developments, giving their buyers all the information they require when they move into their new homes, presented in a beautiful branded Document Box, allowing everything to be kept in one place.

Springfield Properties

Hello Springfield Properties and welcome to the Classic Folios family.  We look forward to working with you.

Springfield Properties has asked us to provide them with Paper Over Board Boxes to offer as part of their handover process, keeping all the documents and appliance manuals together, ready for the new homeowner when they move in.

The London Borough of Camden

The London Borough of Camden has teamed up with us to take PDF Completion Manuals for Kiln Place.

If you just require a PDF version of what we do, we can work with you to produce these for you, too.  The London Borough of Camden has teamed up with us here at Classic Folios to take PDF Completion Manuals fort heir Kiln Place buyers.

Julie Buck Designs

We are delighted to welcome Julie Buck Designs, who is working with us on behalf of Crown Homes.  We look forward to working with you and your clients.

Sometimes agencies end up working with us to take our products on behalf of their clients.  We make up part of their end user offering.  That is why we teamed up with Julie Buck Designs to provide Completion Manuals for their client, Crown Homes, and their Highbridge Wharf development in Somerset.

IDM Properties

IDM Properties has recently been welcomed to our family with A4 Reservation Booklets and Completion Folios.  We look forward to working with them.

We have recently said ‘hello’ to IDM Properties, who has asked us to produce their A4 Reservation Booklets and Completion Folios for their Victoria Collection development in London.  Give your buyers plot specific information about their properties, so they have all the information they need at their fingertips when they move in.  

Vistry Partnerships

We are excited to welcome Vistry Partnerships to our Classic Folios family, as they are using our How To Videos on branded USBs for their Lime Quarter buyers.

Vistry Partnerships has taken How To Videos on branded USBs to present to buyers at their Lime Quarter development in London. We can produce a series of How To Videos exclusively for your development, allowing you to show your customers what they need to know about their new home instantly and on demand.


We are proud to work with ZeroC and have recently produced Videos and 3D Tours for them.

Videos and 3D Tours have become a regular order for a lot of our clients recently.  3D Tours have helped clients continue selling, even during the lockdown period.  Using them now will enable you to complete more viewings around your properties!


Waterstone has just renewed their Spaciable contract with us for their new development, Abode at Coed Darcy.

Spaciable is our award-winning portal and is bespoke to each plot, giving the buyers at Abode at Coed Darcy all the details they need to know about their new homes.  We are thrilled to have Waterstone add another development to Spaciable.  

Eleanor Charles Homes.

We are pleased to welcome Eleanor Charles Homes and their developments in the Derby area to our digital family, following their Spaciable order.  We look forward to working with you.

Eleanor Charles Homes has recently signed up with us to use Spaciable, our award-winning portal that is bespoke to each plot, giving their buyers in Derby all the details they need to know about their new homes at their fingertips, 24/7.

Discovery Homes

We love welcoming new clients to our family!  Here, we say ‘hello’ to Discovery Homes, a modular builder based in Dundee.  

Discovery Homes, a modular builder based in Dundee, has recently signed up with us to use Spaciable, our award-winning portal, which is bespoke to each plot, giving the buyers at Castle view all the details they need to know about their new homes at their fingertips, 24/7.

Countryside Properties

We are excited to be renewing our contract with Countryside Properties – we look forward to continue working with them!

Countryside is using Spaciable, our award-winning portal, which they have complemented with USBs and Completion Booklets.

Countryside Properties

Countryside Properties asked us to produce How To Videos and 3D Tours for their joint venture with Taylor Wimpey, Greenwich Millennium Village.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with them over the next few years!

Videos and 3D Tours have become a regular order for a lot of our clients recently.  3D Tours have helped clients continue selling, even during the lockdown period.  Using them now will enable you to complete more viewings around your properties!

Countryside Properties - Beaulieu Development

Countryside Properties has taken Completion Folios for their Beaulieu development.  We look forward to continue working with them.

Completion Folios, as taken by Countryside, support your aftercare service with all the information your homeowners need in one easy to access format.


Brio asked us to produce Flythrough Videos for them, showing off their developments.

Using Flythrough Videos now will allow buyers to view your developments online, minimising on-site congestion and easing people’s concerns about sticking to social distancing rules.  This is what Brio has just done with us and we are looking forward to continue working with them.

Beechwood Estates

We are creating a Travel Information Pack for our new client, Beechwood Estates, for their Birdlings development.  We are looking forward to working with them.

Developer Trends 2020/2021 - A Brave New World: Trends for Residential Property Developers and How to React

Join David for a LIVE webinar on Wednesday 22nd July at 11am – 12 noon BST to learn:

·       How to attract more buyers in the current market and increase your presence

·       How to work with staff remotely and buyers onsite

·       How to save yourself time and money

·       Lot’s more …. And our Q and A

Book Now

We look forward to seeing you there.

Five Star Customer Service

It's always fab to get some great feedback, so when Chris, our Head of Account Management, received this, we just had to share!

Developer Trends 2020 / 2021

After a furlough period of personal development, reenergising our batteries and setting goals for the second (hopefully slightly less complicated) half of 2020, the team at Classic Folios are back with a vengeance!  

We kept our development team active, while the rest of the company used this time to recuperate, learn new skills, help in the community and have fun with their families.  

So, what better way to return to work than with newly developed products, plenty of new functions, and a team that is raring to go and pick up where they left off, armed with additional knowledge?

Our Sales and Marketing teams have been closely following the property market, keeping up-to-date with the steps our clients are taking to overcome the hurdles that have been put in place by COVID-19.  

We work with a number of the UK's top developers, so we can help ensure you don't get left behind – we have written a trends report, which will be kept up-to-date as the industry and restrictions change, but in the meantime, get ahead of the game and download your free copy here! >

It’s full of information and by no means is a hard sale – just lots of hints and tips that have been put into practice already by your industry leaders.

Don’t waste any time – read up on A Brave New World: Trends for Residential Property Developers and How to React!

We’ve only gone and done it again!

We’ve only gone and done it again!

We strive year on year to be the best.  In doing so, we aim to provide our clients with the best service, so they can offer the best handover solutions and a five star experience to their customers.

We set ourselves lofty goals, so it’s great to receive recognition for our accomplishments. Last year, we were lucky enough to win several awards, so it is hugely gratifying to be able to add to our trophy cabinet this year with the following awards:

AI Business Excellence Awards:

Best Homebuyers Handover Products Provider 2020 – UK

Leading Experts in Digital Resident Management Systems – UK


M&A Today – Global Business Awards:

Best Online Resident Management Systems Providers 2020 – England


Let’s face it – with everything going on in the world at the moment, it is a welcome distraction to be able to share some fantastic news.

It being only June, we are hoping to add to the year’s trophy haul, too, so keep your eyes peeled!


If you want to become a part of our extended team and experience our award-winning level of service, then contact our sales team at  Let’s start planning for the future.

Go Modular

At Classic Folios, we are proud of the vantage point from which we can see the property industry.  By dealing directly with such a broad spectrum of clients within the residential sector – from family developers all the way up to national developers; private, shared ownership and build to rent; freehold to leasehold; studio apartments to country mansions – we are able to closely monitor trends and best practice in a way that few other companies can.

It is therefore important that we take a proactive approach to these trends and ensure our knowledge covers the full scope of the industry.  With more developers using modular techniques, we planned a visit to Go Modular – a Southampton-based specialist in modular technology and off-site manufacturing, so we could see the process in action.

As we arrived at the factory, we received a sneak peek at some of the modular constructions that were wrapped up, ready to be transported to the developments, where they will be installed in the external structure.  While this perhaps provided a non-linear start to our tour, it also gave us important context for the information that followed.

Greeted by the prolifically knowledgeable Managing Director George Lujans and Commercial Director Mohammed Afzal, we were given an introduction to Go Modular and their place within the construction industry.  Their honest appraisal of the current state of the industry, including the trepidation that the term ‘modular’ is often met with, gave us invaluable insight into both the challenges they face and the challenges they help solve. Their tagline is ‘Attractive Technology’ – a reference to the cutting edge (pun intended) technology that ensures pinpoint accuracy when dividing units into modules.  Floor plans are split into modules based on the size restrictions imposed by UK transport regulations. These plans then essentially act as instructions for the work carried out in the factory.  We were then taken on a tour of the resulting modules, where the ‘plug and play’ nature of the constructions became apparent, with a kitchen module kitted out with appliances, a boiler, a thermostat, lighting and plug sockets, as well as flooring, worktops and a sink.

As with anything that preaches speed – Go Modular claim they can reduce build periods by up to 45% – one can’t help but wonder: ‘at what cost?’  Our tour of the factory suggested that there is certainly no compromise on quality, with the units reflecting high levels of craftmanship, while an explanation of the build methods revealed that modular building drastically reduces shrinkage cracks and the drying out period, as significantly less moisture is used in the building materials.  In terms of financial cost, the efficiency is such that it can create additional client revenues of up to 6% of project costs through early delivery to market.

Ultimately, modular building is likely to have little to no impact on the eventual homeowner, who is the individual being served by the entire process.  If companies like Go Modular can create accurate and quicker build times, it is easy to see why many developers may start embracing modular building as a way of getting the customer experience off to the best possible start.

To learn more about Go Modular, please visit

Classic Folios raise £1,764.50 for Alzheimer's Society

In 2019, we took part in several fundraising events for Alzheimer's Society.  This included two of our team bidding farewell to their hair and bravely embracing the breeze on their bald scalps.  They wisely chose to do this in August, so by the time the weather turned, some of their head insulation had returned.

It was a good job, too, as autumn saw us take part in a company-wide memory walk.  The nine mile round trip alongside a flooded river saw us return to the office somewhat soggy and muddy, but having raised almost £1,000 for the great cause.

On Friday 31st January 2020, Andy Kendall – Community Fundraiser for Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands – joined us in the office so we could present him with a cheque for the total amount raised: £1,764.50.

The work carried out by Alzheimer's Society is truly inspirational, as they raise awareness, fund research and support those suffering from dementia, which is the UK’s biggest killer.  We were proud to be able to help them in their mission.

For more information about dementia, please visit

Winchester & District Young Carers

At Classic Folios, we are committed to supporting local charities.  This year, our charitable endeavours will raise money for the incredible cause that is Winchester & District Young Carers.

The charity supports local children between the ages of 8 and 17, who care for siblings or parents with a long-term illness or disability.  This could be in the form of administering medication, providing emotional or physical support, carrying out practical tasks, ‘parenting’ younger siblings or managing the family budget.  Tasks that often come at the expense of typical formative childhood experiences.

Winchester & District Young Carers provides a safe, friendly and fun environment, and quality support for young carers and their families, through exploration, activity, educational, social and wellness programmes, helping the selfless children learn new skills, embrace the positivity of their familial role, relax and share their experiences with volunteers and peers.

On Young Carers Awareness Day, Ben Hogbin – Manager at Winchester & District Young Carers – came into the office to offer some insight into the work carried out by the charity, which largely comprises volunteers and part-time employees.

Testimonials from beneficiaries of the charity showed how the children are encouraged to wear their responsibility as a badge of honour, while their positivity in exceptionally testing scenarios inspired our team to plan fundraising events for the year ahead.

We are very proud to be representing Winchester & District Young Carers in 2020, and implore you to read about their wonderful work at and follow their daily work on Twitter at @WIN_YoungCarers.  Look out for news of our various fundraising activities over the course of the year and please support us, where possible.


With a staggering 94% of people stating that the customer service they receive when buying a home is important and 83% stating that poor customer service would put them off buying or renting a new build home*, it is unsurprising that both private and social housing providers are feeling the pressure to make the moving journey as seamless as possible to achieve the desired 5 star Home Builders Federation rating.

The research conducted by Classic Folios, market leader in the supply of new home handover solutions, also found that almost two thirds of people (63%) claim that as long as they are kept adequately informed and communications are honest throughout the buying process, they would not mind the hassle of buying a new home, which is found to be the most stressful life event by one third of Brits.

Despite these claims, however, nearly a fifth (17%) of those surveyed have experienced poor customer service during the buying or renting process, with the majority of those surveyed stating there are factors, such as better communication and management processes, that would make the home buying experience easier, demonstrating a need for improvement in the industry.

To help housing providers achieve the provision of this sought-after positive experience, Classic Folios’ digital hub and communications platform, Spaciable,is the solution, providing both build to sell and build to rent developers, managing agents and housing associations with a revolutionary customer engagement tool.  As a fully customisable white label platform, Spaciable contains a host of features that will ultimately save housing providers time and money, as communications are streamlined and information is personalised for each homeowner.

When asked about the impact of Spaciable, David Graydon,Managing Director at Classic Folios, said: “As shown by our research, a seamless customer experience is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to making big life decisions, such as buying a new home.  This is one of the reasons we continually develop Spaciable to support developers in providing customers with information and effective communication that is available 24/7.  By helping to deliver an enhanced customer service, it will also help save time and money, as communications are more effectively managed.

“To purchasers, buying a new home is more than just purchasing a building – it’s the whole experience from reservation through to completion and aftercare, so it’s important that developers and other housing providers are taking this on board to meet their customers’requirements, while at the same time enhancing their brand.”

The research also revealed that nearly a third of people are concerned about finding problems that require further work once the property is completed.  With Spaciable, however, developers can use the portal to reassure customers that if an issue does arise, it can be quickly logged and actioned using the integrated defect management tool.  The portal ensures customers feel involved throughout every stage of the construction of their property, while pre-empting any common build or rental issues in the FAQs section, thereby reducing queries and complaints, saving the developer and homeowner time in the long run.

Spaciable provides a one-stop shop for storing documents relating to the home, such as appliance manuals, certificates and legal agreements, keeping everything in one place. The platform also offers a range of helpful ‘How To’ articles and videos, which not only helps homeowners settle in with ease but positions the home provider as mindful and considerate to their customers’needs.

Almost half (46%) of the UK adults polled consider the buying process to be easier with a new build, as they can choose certain options, such as colour palettes and fitted appliances, when buying off plan directly with the developer or builder.  To capitalise on this notion, Spaciable’s ‘Home Designer’ tool allows the buyer or tenant to envisage rooms in their new home, test colour schemes on a virtual canvas and check whether furniture will fit, creating within them a sense of excitement at the prospect of moving into their new home, while also helping them to prepare.

Furthermore, research found that when buying a home, just under half(47%) of those polled consider the most important factor when deciding on whereto buy is being near shops, followed by local amenities, such as pubs and restaurants (43%), with being in the catchment area for local schools also of importance.  Spaciable can be used by developers to highlight the amenities close to a new home with the ’Area Guide’ function, which gives residents access to a wealth of local information,from nearby schools to the best places to eat and drink.

For private landlords and private rental sector (PRS) providers, Spaciable incorporates an interface that makes marketing, renting and managing properties a simple task.  Through the platform,landlords are able to check tenants’ references with ease, manage compliance,ensure deposits and rent are paid, and advertise their properties.

David, concluded: “With housing providers striving for and customers seeking the optimal 5 star customer service experience, Spaciable is a tool to help both sides, offering everything an occupier will need at the their fingertips, while also assisting the housing industry in providing a seamless customer journey.”

Spaciable offers an optimal, cost-effective, end-to-end PropTech solution for developers, PRS and managing agents.  For more information, click here to watch the video:  <https: 357590603=""""></https:>


To find out more or book a demo, visit or call 023 8062 6280.

Rent and Living launched as part of Spaciable upgrade

As part of Spaciable’s continued development, we are excited to unveil two fantastic new features that expand the reach of the portal even further.

Known as Rent and Living, the new features are designed to streamline processes for landlords, tenants, block management teams and apartment owners.

Rent is an app-based system that allows landlords to invite tenants to properties, manage admin tasks and inventories, arrange viewings,track repairs, ensure compliance with statutory regulations, and much more.  It can even be upgraded to streamline rent and reference collections, and completion of contracts.

The Living element of Spaciable provides a platform for booking of shared facilities in communal buildings, as well as key and parcel management.

These new features deliver on our commitment to developing Spaciable into a system that can be tailored to suit all property types and developers – in this instance, the ‘build to rent’ market and block management teams.

We look forward to sharing further updates with you in due course.

New Name: Same Aim

Since its introduction in 2016, Hoozzi has gone from strength to strength, helping almost 100 UK developers provide homebuyers, homeowners and tenants with the highest level of customer service.  Research we conducted on 2,000 UK homeowners and tenants found that 94% of those polled consider customer service to be important when buying a new home, while 66% agreed that poor customer service would put them off buying or renting a new home.  It has therefore come as no surprise that our portal is fast becoming the standard-bearer for customer service and aftercare.

In light of the portal’s burgeoning reputation, we felt that the time was right for a rebrand that reflects its evolution into a system that extends beyond the four walls of a property into the community and wider space.

Spaciable’s slick, modern branding embodies the progressive, revolutionary nature of the portal, while the introduction of features that incorporate the community and local area is accentuated by the location pin in the logo.

As you can see in the photos attached from our internal launch, we are very proud of the new branding and the timeliness of it, as we prepare to take the portal to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about how Spaciable can help you, please click here.

Brave the Shave

Celebrity spotters swarmed Classic Folios last week to grab a look at Sir Ben Kingsley and Jason Statham, unaware they were actually speaking to Ben Hickman and Jason Goodrick, who were only too happy to pose for selfies and sign DVDs anyway.

An easy mistake to make, seeing as just hours earlier, the brave duo had watched their luscious locks fall onto the floor around them as they were at the mercy of a set of clippers.  Saying goodbye to their hair but hello to an incredible £830.00 that their endeavour raised for the Alzheimer’s Society, Ben and Jason embraced the charity’s commitment to ‘[t]aking on dementia together.’

It’s not too late to donate, and if you would like to make a contribution to this incredible cause, please visit

To see the panic in the boys’ eyes as they feel the breeze on their exposed heads, along with some import facts about the disease, please watch the video.

Proptech for Each Season

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago when technology’s role in the home was predominantly for entertainment and information; however, as the proptech industry grows, so too does the range of everyday tasks that are becoming automated by high street products.

In 2014, Amazon Alexa launched virtual voice assistants to public prominence.  Although IBM had experimented with voice recognition devices as far back as 1961, it would takeover 50 years for it to become an affordable, mass-produced, lifestyle-changing product.  Alexa operates through Amazon Echo, a smart speaker, which cost £149.99 at launch and is now currently available in its third generation for just £49.99.  The product became so popular in such as short span of time that it was forecast that 40% of UK homes would have an Amazon Echo by 2018, up from 9% in 2017[1].  This dramatic rise is proof that smart technology is being embraced as something that is integral to the home, rather than simply something that is a luxury.

With Amazon Alexa capturing consumers’ imagination and tuning into a need to streamline daily routines, companies are pouring more resources into artificial intelligence and smart technology.  Google, whose alternative to Amazon Echo,Home Mini, was the global top selling smart speaker in Q2 of 2018[2], was reported to have spent almost $3.9 billion in disclosed deals for artificial intelligence since 2006.  With Amazon,Apple, Intel and Microsoft joining Google in the top five spenders, industry giants are all vying for the market and positions of prominence in our home.

While the likes of Amazon Alexa, Google Home Mini and Apple HomePod are all well-publicised, the likes of Nest, Philips and Eve are also exploring the possibilities of smart technology.  With so many smart technology options available, spanning so many areas of the home, it can be difficult to keep up with the quick turnaround of the market and knowing which products will benefit you in the

Alexa, Home Mini and HomePod are all broad technologies that act as a hub for multiple systems, and are compatible will various products that subsequently go to market; however, there are many more focused products that can save you time, effort and money on everyday activities.  Although shopping around will introduce you to a wealth of options, this article will focus on a different device for each season, to give you an insight into how, in just half a decade, smart technology has evolved far beyond smart speakers.


As the weather warms up and grass growth increases, your lawncare routine will need to be resumed, though Robomow can make this task as quick and easy as tapping your smart phone. The automatic lawnmower can be launched from its charging station using an app, from which point it will mow your lawn before returning to the charging station.


Staying with the lawncare theme, as summer arrives and your lawn becomes dry, the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller attaches to your external tap and allows you to activate water sprinklers using your smart phone, before they automatically shut-off to prevent your garden from flooding.  You can even set times for the sprinklers to turn on and monitor your water consumption.


As October sneaks up on you and the nights pull in, evenings enjoying the garden give way to cosy nights on the sofa.  The Philips Hue Starter Kits allow you to tailor your lighting system using your smart phone, Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant to schedule times for cool and warm lighting, and even make those grey mornings easier to wake up to with a sunrise effect.


As property developers and homeowners are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, products such as Nest’s Learning Thermostat are signalling a shift towards responsible energy consumption, while shaving money off of energy bills.  The product’s smart, discreet appearance is befitting of a product that programs itself after you use it for a week, having learned your preferences.  You can then use an app to view reports on how much energy you have saved.  The heating can also be controlled through your smart phone, Alexa or Home Mini,ideal for those cold December days.

These four products illustrate the public’s blossoming relationship with smart technology and the extent to which we trust it to carryout chores on our behalf.  It is interesting to see how the technology will evolve in the coming years and the new ways in which it will influence our daily routines, and subsequently become incorporated in the design of new build properties.

Be Award-Winning

We have been presented with three awards so far this year, been a finalist at the RESI awards and will be attending the EG Tech awards in July to see if we have won again!  

As these awards demonstrate, no other handover system can save time and costs like Hoozzi – and Hoozzi can do this for you too!

Developers that work with us are enjoying the numerous benefits that Hoozzi offers. These include time savings for their staff (the platform holds in-depth home information that answers queries on their behalf), better defect management using our built-in tool, and direct communication to homebuyers, possible at plot, development or developer level.  All of this cuts down the work that aftercare and sales teams must put in to keep buyers happy and engaged with the process of buying and moving into a new home.  This allows your teams to concentrate on creating new sales and developing better relationships with current and potential buyers, enhancing your service and brand.

If you are considering handover solutions for your next development and would like to take a look at Hoozzi, please do give us a call on 023 8062 6280.  You can always pop an email to or click the “Get in Touch” button in the top right of your screen.

Join us and other developers and be part of our award-winning team!


The first quarter of 2019 has proven to be very fruitful for us at Classic Folios, and we couldn’t be more chuffed.  We are extremely proud to announce that we have won not just one, but two AI Business Excellence Awards for 2019.  The latest in our trophy cabinet is our AI Business Excellence Award for ‘Best Online Resident Management System Providers– England’.  This sits nicely alongside our AI Business Excellence Award for ‘Best Homeowner Manuals Supplier – England’.

Both the awards are for our core products: our online Hoozzi portal and our outstanding bespoke printed reservation and completion manuals.  We couldn’t be more proud of our team who have worked so hard and are thoroughly deserving of both awards.  Achieving these awards demonstrates just how hardworking they are!

You can find out more about our Hoozzi online portal and our reservation and completion manuals at

In addition to the awards above, we have also won a Lux Designer Award for ‘Best Online Resident Management Systems 2019 – Southern England’ for the portal’s functionality, such as the defect management reporting tool, the digital home library and key home information and contacts.  These are all time saving functions for the developer, making it easier for the homeowner to navigate and report any problems accurately and efficiently.

We were hoping to bring home the bacon at the RESI Awards 2019 on Wednesday 15th May as we were shortlisted in the Residential Consultancy Practice of the Year award; sadly, this was not that case, but there’s always next year.  We have the EG Tech Awards to look forward to in July, as we have also been shortlisted for the Infrastructure Award.

With this coming up, we are hoping our lucky streak will continue.  2019 has been an exciting year so far for us here at Classic Folios - long may it continue!

Customer Service Expectations in a Customer Service Driven World

Are you looking to improve your customer experience?  We’ve had a look at how easy it is to do and the impact it can have on your business.

Are expectations of how a customer wants to be treated higher today than those of 10-15 years ago?  Customer expectations are historically any set of behaviours, actions or outcomes that the customer anticipates when interacting with a company.  This also applies to a housing developer.  Your buyers have certain expectations around your customer service – are you able to provide them with the service they need?

Let’s face it, buying a house is a major purchase for anyone,whether it is envisioned as a forever home, or as an investment to rent out.  They’ve spent their hard-earned money on your property and over the next 25 years they are also likely to be paying that back to their mortgage provider.  They want it to be perfect, ready to move into, no snagging and nothing should break – well,it’s new, right?  We know that is not always the case – new homes need to settle and sometimes misfortune just happens.

To maintain your excellent reputation in the customer service world, problems need to be addressed as soon as they arise.  Even if you do not know the answer yet, you should have a plan of action and a set of tasks you need to complete in order to get the best outcome for your customer.  Communication is key; there is nothing more infuriating than reporting a problem and being ignored.

Customer service is normally top of any company’s agenda.  If your customers are satisfied, word of mouth spreads and business booms.  Customers feel that they’ve had value for money and are less likely to complain, or at least be more polite about it if they do.  A good customer service scheme adds value to you and your brand.

At Classic Folios, we have developed our products to reflect and carry forward your company’s emphasis on customer service.   Our online three times award winning portal,Hoozzi, will help to manage your customers’ experience from reservation stage and we carry this through to completion and beyond.  The portal hosts a defect reporting system, so an issue within the property can be reported directly to the correct person or department to deal with it.  Occupiers can upload supporting photos, videos and audio files to the defect reporting tool to help you, as the developer, identify what response and resolution is required.

We also have an extensive list of FAQs that will help your buyers or tenants to find helpful answers, so that they do not need to contact your sales and aftercare teams on site.  This will save your site staff valuable time and allow them to concentrate efforts on more pressing issues and new sales.  It’s a win-win situation!

Additionally, we can provide you with How-to videos that can be used in conjunction with Hoozzi, or can stand alone for use in your marketing and on your website to help your buyers or tenants understand the systems and appliances within their new homes.  Again,this saves time on site and allows occupiers to become more self-sufficient.

A happy customer resulting from great service may mean that you are able to retain their business; they have had a good experience and will want to up size or downsize with you, as they feel a sense of loyalty to your brand.  You’re also more likely to get referrals from them to family and friends.  A good reference means more money in your pocket and a better reputation, without shelling out on advertising.  Social media means that any experience, bad or good, can be widely shared within minutes.  

Your employees will gain confidence in your products and their daily tasks will become more streamlined, boosting morale and increasing the staff retention rate.  This minimises recruitment and training, saving you and your company time and money.

The greatest benefit to outstanding customer service is that it will give you a telling competitive advantage over other developers.  An exemplary customer experience and the subsequent reputation it yields does a lot of the marketing for you, for free.  It makes your show home more inviting than the one across the other side of town.

That’s why customer service is key.

Meet Rosie. National Apprenticeship Week 2019

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2019.  The week runs from the 4th to 8th March this year and is an annual celebration of apprenticeships.  It aims to bring the apprenticeship community together to celebrate the impact of apprenticeship individuals,employers and the economy.

Meet Rosie, our all-star Design apprentice!  Back in October 2018 we welcomed Rosie into our team, joining us from Wiltshire College.  She is completing an apprenticeship with us here at Classic Folios and is undergoing her level 3 NVQ Diploma in Design.  The course itself should take Rosie about 1½ years.  She previously studied Graphic Design at Barton Peveril College, Eastleigh and had previous work experience with an independent local company, Sophia Victoria Joy, who supplies beautiful personalised gifts.  Rosie spent her time engraving their products.

At Classic Folios, Rosie reports to Ellis, our Design Manager.  Her main duties include setting up visuals for future clients, styling and designing manuals for our existing clients and setting up banners and images for our award-winning online portal,Hoozzi.  She has fast become a valuable member of our team and we have seen an increase in output speed since Rosie joined.

We are looking forward to helping Rosie develop her skillset over the next 12 months and would highly recommend offering an apprenticeship if you haven’t already.  Rosie is currently gaining industry knowledge and experience in the skillset she needs to gain her qualification and we have gained a wonderful new member of our team, improved our output and filled a gap in our organisation.

We are extremely pleased with the recruitment of Rosie and her progress with the company so far and would certainly consider further apprenticeships in the future.

Classic Folios Launches Client Referral Scheme

By simply referring a friend or colleague to Classic Folios,you could receive a reward worth £250!  We welcome both UK and international contacts

Connect us with someone you think Classic Folios could help and, as a thank you, we will send you £250 of John Lewis vouchers for each qualified referral that results in an order. Of course, if you would prefer you can choose to have a £250 donation to a charity of your choice

Making a referral is easy! Just complete the form for every contact you think we should talk to and our team will do the rest.  Remember to include as much information in the ‘Why you are recommending us’ box to help us make the right introduction.  Of course, if you prefer to make the introduction yourself, please do so and make sure your friend mentions your name when they contact us – you will then be entitled to receive your reward inexactly the same way.

Or if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please call our Marketing Manager, Kate Pickard, on 02380 626280 or email

We are pleased to announce Ellis McCormick as our new Design Manager

At Classic Folios, we are pleased to announce that our resident Designer, Ellis McCormick, has accepted a new position as Design Manager.  Ellis has worked at Classic Folios for a year and a half now, starting with us in July 2017.

Ellis has recently taken on an apprentice, Rosie Nash, and is mentoring her through her qualifications.  We have seen Ellis thrive and grow, and due to his hard work, commitment and creativity, we have welcomed him into our Management Team.

Ellis has seven years of design experience and, with Rosie joining his team, this will enable him to concentrate on larger projects, leaving her to work on our day to day designs.

Ellis said:
“Now that I have been promoted, I am very much looking forward to becoming a key member of the Management Team.  I plan on using my time more effectively by concentrating on Hoozzi development and any other large projects that are coming my way.  I will be working closely with Rosie, mentoring her and making sure she gains the experience she needs for her design apprenticeship.  With Rosie’s help, we have a great department and an extra resource to concentrate on client-facing work, so 2019 will be an exciting year.”

What Will Happen to the Housing Market in the First Quarter of 2019?

January feels like it has been a long month and now we are all back in the swing of everyday life, it’s time to look ahead at what the first few months of 2019 may bring to the table.

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit makes 2019 a difficult year to forecast in the housing market.  Here, at Classic Folios, we’ve been studying the news, information and opinions that have been shared with the residential property market, and wanted to highlight the top opinions.  We thought about how we can help and will talk more about Hoozzi after exploring.

A press release from RICS at the end of December stated that with the uncertainty the residential housing market is facing, it is unlikely to change all that much in 2019 and will remain flat, at best.

The press release followed up by claiming that sales are unlikely to grow in early 2019, pointing to the recent trend of declining sales in the past two years.  This will likely see house price growth continue to fade, too, as we move into the year, due to the lingering uncertainty of Brexit, affordability issues for the buyer and increasing interest rates.  RICS proceeded to highlight the fact that the number of new properties being built has slowed down over the last few months of 2018, while almost half of the participants in a November survey reported that the number of market appraisals undertaken were down year on year.  These factors combined suggest it is unlikely that we will see an increase in supply in the second hand market, as well as the new build sector in the first few months of 2019.

The forecast does predict that, as the waters surrounding Brexit settle, fluidity will return to the housing market.  This prediction is supported by the recent eradication of the Housing Revenue Account lending cap on local authorities for house building.  This shift in policy should allow local authorities to borrow more money to finance residential developments. RICS also flags the government’s expectation of private home builders increasing output in 2019 to help meet the shortfall on new homes.  

The full press release can be read here, along with a copy of the full survey:

Press Release

2019 Housing Market Survey

So, what will happen after Brexit?  Homes and Property are more positive in their prediction.

They think that prices will eventually increase again,especially in London, gradually rising around 12.4% over the next five years.  They suggest that those buying higher end properties in the capital will not be as affected by mortgage restrictions, as they have more disposable income to play with, meaning they will drive prices higher in this market, between April of this year and 2023.

Their full statement can be found here:

Property News Piece

Whichever view you subscribe to, we can expect challenging and turbulent spells during the first two quarters of the year, but life goes on and people still need houses to live in. We can hope, based on the above forecasts, that the market will start to pick up again in April and there will be buyers in the marketplace looking to buy.

What does all this mean for you, though?  Well, with reduced stock levels and people still looking to buy, competition will be fierce.  To secure a buyer for your property, you will need to stand out from the rest of the market by giving yourself the telling edge, conveying to prospective buyers that your homes are more than just an investment.

Classic Folios specialises in providing platforms for you to stand out above the competition, via our residential tech solution: a home portal that covers the information, management, servicing and communication needs of your properties.  We are the leader in the UK new residential build market, working with over 250 developers and housebuilders.  We are experts in the delivery of bespoke handover products to suit your brand and bolster your reputation for excellent customer service. Our portal will help streamline your buyers’ journeys into their new builds, and relieve the stress of sales and after care teams, freeing up their time to close that sale and start chasing the next one.

If you are interested in hearing more about any of our products, please contact us at, pop on over to our website,, or call us on

023 8062 6280.

Rebecca Hall joins our team

Classic Folios is excited to announce the appointment of Rebecca Hall as Sales Executive. Rebecca will be out in the field meeting with developers throughout the UK, helping them with their customer journey solutions. As well as showcasing our luxury tailored folios,she will be demonstrating Hoozzi, our award-winning online portal, which helps save time and money for both sales and after sales teams. Rebecca comes to us with a wealth of account management experience, which developers will find invaluable as she helps to solve their handover needs.


Classic Folios provides handover solutions and after sales welcome gifts that enhance customer interaction and customer satisfaction, and Rebecca’s comprehensive knowledge in packaging the correct solution for clients, be this digital, print or both, will put her ahead of the game. All of this will strengthen your customers’ experience, generating referrals and repurchases. At Classic Folios, we’re here to help you as the developer deliver a five-star bespoke customer service experience using folios, Hoozzi or both - from reservation, through exchange, to completion and beyond!

Behind the Scenes with Ballymore, Embassy Gardens

We are currently working with Ballymore on their Embassy Gardens development in the heart of Nine Elms, along the Central London riverside.

The development consists of 1750 residential properties,along with amenities such as a large park, a private residents’ club, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa, health club, library, cinema and yoga studio.  It is stunning to say the least!

We have produced some ‘how to’ videos and a flythrough video for Embassy Gardens, for Ballymore to use in their marketing and with their buyers.  Take a look behind the scenes.

To order your ‘how to’ videos please contact us on sales@classicfolios.comor click here and complete our ‘Request a Quote’ form and a dedicated member of our team will give you a call back:

Hazeley Homes Benefits From Hoozzi Handover

We recently went out and interviewed Gordon Piper, Managing Director of Hazeley Developments Ltd, who had not only completed his Winchester development, but had also bought one of his own homes. Gordon subscribed to the Hoozzi portal for this development and here is what he had to say ...

Classic Folios: Your values are based on quality and a commitment to excellence across your entire business, including customer care. How does Classic Folios support you in delivering your values?

Gordon, Hazeley Homes: We see the benefit of working with Classic Folios to create and collate huge amounts of information that we can communicate to our homebuyers.  This is especially true with the Hoozzi online portal, where we can add to the information and update in real time, for example, if we get a question from one homebuyer we can use this to update other homebuyers through the portal, ensuring that everyone has relevant and timely information.  This also helps us as a business, as we are answering less of the same queries.  Hoozzi allows us, in one simple and easy process, to supply the information to the correct people.

We are also keen to use Hoozzi at reservation, so we can update buyers on the progress of the build; at Hazeley, customer care starts before move in, so we needed a system like Hoozzi that integrates with our customer experience


Classic Folios: You have recently moved into a new Hazeley home that was provided with access to our Hoozzi portal. How has Hoozzi helped you to settle in and manage your home?

Gordon, Hazeley Homes: When I first moved in, I wasn’t given the information to configure the alarm, as I didn’t have all the details.  Once I had these, I created a sheet on how to set the alarm and our Hoozzi admins sent this to all plots with that alarm system.  This meant that our homebuyers had all the information they needed and didn’t need to make additional calls to us or the alarm company.

I also used Hoozzi to register my appliances; it made the process easier than managing pieces of paper and postal registrations.

For the future, what I think is good is that when I move or sell the house, all of the documents, such as the EPC, are stored online and will be easy to access for the new homeowner.  

Classic Folios: Why is customer care so important to Hazeley developments?

Gordon, Hazeley Homes: It is not just the aftersales; for Hazeley, it’s a holistic experience for our customers and not an add-on at the end.  Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the quality of the finished product through to our outstanding customer care.  We believe that this sets us apart and makes home buying and ownership with Hazeley enjoyable and rewarding.


Classic Folios: You have a very personal approach to your aftercare. How does Hoozzi help continue that journey for your homebuyers?

Gordon, Hazeley Homes: It provides us with a platform to communicate, when we can’t be there personally.


Classic Folios: Any final thoughts?

Gordon, Hazeley Homes: We feel that going the digital route is the way forward. It sets us ahead of the competition and gives added value to our customers, aligning perfectly with our vision.


Taking to the Field

Deanfield Homes, a new developer that is active in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, has joined up with Classic Folios to offer an A5 Quick Reference Booklet and the Hoozzi online portal for their first developments.

Being entrusted with the handover solution for a developer’s first residential project is a great display of confidence in Classic Folios’ service and provides an excellent opportunity for us to use our industry experience to advise what works well in various contexts.

Upon sharing Hoozzi with Deanfield Homes, it was decided that this product was the best fit for their needs, with the flexibility it affords users with mobile access, multiple users and consolidation of information in a single location, all well-suited to their small to medium sized developments of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses.  Residents will have access to the portal from Reservation, providing them with access to key information and contacts that will help streamline the process, while also reinforcing the Deanfield Homes brand.  At the Completion stage, the portal will be updated with information tailored to their home, such as fixtures and finishes, as well as direct links to registering warranties with appliance manufacturers.

The addition of an A5 Quick Reference Booklet to this package allows Deanfield Homes to present buyers with a physical product at handover – a gesture that cannot be overstated in its importance to brand promotion.  This booklet, a condensed version of the plot-specific Completion Manual that will be present on Hoozzi, will contain details of each home’s systems, suppliers and key contacts, providing an easy point of reference for queries that are likely to arise shortly after the buyer moves in.

Fiona Hall, Sales Manager for Classic Folios noted:

When starting out as a new developer it’s important to have the right tools in place to support a small team whilst building a strong and quality brand. Deanfield are offering their buyers all of the information they need via our digital portal so buyers feel supported from the day they reserve their plot. Seeing the progress of their build via photo and video uploads will enhance the countdown to move in day. For those not internet ready on move in day, the Quick Reference Guide has all the headline information they may need thus preventing the need for lengthy customer care queries.

We look forward to assisting Deanfield Homes in their commitment to providing “a 5-star service to all our customers, every step of the way.”

The Wates Welcome

Wates Residential is currently working with local authorities and housing associations to create exciting new developments of private and affordable homes in Cardiff and Lee-on-Solent, and sought out the services of Classic Folios to strengthen their handover offering.

Cardiff Living is Wates Residential’s partnership with Cardiff Council that will eventually create 1,500 high quality and sustainable new homes throughout the Welsh capital, while a collaboration with Homes England will see 200 new homes built in Lee-on-Solent.

Following consultation with the Classic Folios Sales Team, Wates Residential opted for a handover solution reflective of the scope of these regenerative projects: Prosecco and Hotel Chocolat welcome gifts, an A4 Reservation Booklet, the Hoozzi online portal and an A5 Quick Reference Guide – a package that embodies both luxury and practicality.

Fiona Hall, Sales Manager for Classic Folios, explained:

Having the flexibility in our offering to provide a solution that suits the Wates Residential buying demographic was key.  Our online and printed booklet package will support buyers throughout each stage of the buying process from Reservation, Progression and After Care, thus reducing many of the queries into these teams and offering a much smoother service.  Their buyers will also enjoy a Wates Residential branded move in day gift, completing the happy experience of buying one of their new homes.

Welcome gifts are becoming an increasingly popular option for property developers, who are keen to demonstrate their appreciation for customers by starting their new chapter in style, while elevating their brand.  These gifts can be tailored to a developer’s requirements, though Wates Residential’s choice of bubbly and chocolates certainly seems a winning combination.

Team Trip for a Taste of BRE Innovation

Our Editorial eggheads constantly have their ears to the ground, researching new home systems and building techniques. To see some of these ideas in practice, the team took a trip to the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Innovation Park in Watford for a first-hand look at some ingenious show homes.

The BRE Innovation Park is a showcase for the housing industry’s research into safer, more sustainable, more efficient homes. During the visit, the team toured the site while listening to detailed audio descriptions via the BRE Innovation app, getting up close to sustainable heating solutions, learning about construction techniques tackling inefficiencies and viewing future-proofed properties adaptable for different usage needs and environmental conditions.

Amongst the techniques and systems on display were automated reflective louvres to assist efficient lighting, greywater recycling systems to reduce heat loss and fresh water usage, and renewable home materials, such as carpets made from corn and sugar. Another interesting demonstration was a Victorian property that had been refurbished to transform it from low to high energy efficiency while retaining the original character.

Outside, the landscaping exhibited was designed to enhance quality of life for residents, including sustainable drainage systems, imaginative play areas, wi-fi enabled public seating and biodiversity to benefit local wildlife – a local deer even stopped by to say hello!

This hands-on look at the ways constructors seek to improve living experiences and reduce their environmental impact was a great addition to the team’s knowledge, ensuring our content is up-to-date with the forward thinkers of the property industry. A few of the team were even tempted to move in to some of the properties!

Classic Folios Appoints New Head of Account Management

Classic Folios is thrilled to announce Chris Pickard as the new Head of Account Management. Based in Hampshire, Chris will be working with the other Account Managers to ensure existing clients have the best handover materials available.

Chris will be a valuable asset to the team, having worked in a residential agency for the last 12 years, managing three local offices, whilst improving their standing and market share.  “I’m excited to continue Classic Folios’ long-standing role as the market leader in handover solutions and it’s a particularly exciting time with Hoozzi and the potential this offers our clients.”

Anthony Arkwright, Commercial Director at Classic Folios, commented:  “With Chris’ residential sales experience and in-depth knowledge of homeowner demands and developer needs, he’ll be able to build an instant rapport with our clients, continuing our vision of binding relationships.”

To contact Chris, call 023 8062 6280 or email

Octagon Sign Up To 3D Walkthrough Technology

Octagon worked with Classic Folios to create fully responsive property tours that feel as real as being in a new home.

Having worked with Classic Folios since 2006 for all their handover needs, Octagon wanted to trial how their 3D service would compare to the virtual reality walkthroughs that had been produced by an alternative supplier. 

The trial of the virtual reality technology took place at Octagon’s Bishops Row development in London, where Classic Folios created a 3D model and walkthrough of the home.  Octagon was so impressed with the quality that they made the decision to consolidate their homeowner portal with the walkthrough technology.

Classic Folios launched the technology back in August 2017, focusing on helping clients connect buyers with their property with 24/7 access to their home before handover.  To complete the package, developers’ can also choose video technology that allows homeowners to click on tagged how-to videos to demonstrate all the new gadgets and appliances in their new home.

What’s Next for PropTech?

2017 saw an explosion of technological innovation within the world of property, with numerous new products and services promising improved experiences and efficiencies for developers, homebuyers, landlords and residents alike.

Homebuilders sought simple digital solutions to managing customer care and defects; homebuyers went online when choosing property; and homeowners kitted out their pads with automation apps for heating, lighting and other systems, smart meters for tracking utilities and gadgets like virtual reality headsets and voice-activated home assistants.

The increased affordability and acceptance of property technology, dubbed “proptech”, seems set to reshape the way properties are bought, sold and lived in, so developers are urged to stay digitally savvy to keep up with customers’ expectations in a changing world.

Classic Folios and Hoozzi MD, David Graydon, has been watching developments closely and has some proptech predictions for the coming year…

1.       “Increasing adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality, in line with ease of use for the consumer and the development of less cumbersome technology.”


Building visualisation apps have a huge potential during both construction and sales. Classic Folios’ innovative online portal, Hoozzi, already incorporates virtual home tours, giving purchasers an immersive, VR-compatible walkthrough that reduces buyer remorse and increases referrals. Classic Folios also goes one step further, offering to shoot bespoke instructive videos and tag them throughout the walkthrough, so users can click on an appliance or object, like a dishwasher or thermostat, to view a helpful ‘how to’ guide.


2.       “Blockchain and Bitcoin will only be adopted widely when it becomes easier and faster to transact. It has the potential to make a big impact, but only when technology matures past 2018.”


There has been a lot of buzz regarding uses for blockchain technology within the property industry, with more firms expected to look at ways to harness decentralised cryptocurrency payments and automated smart contracts for greater efficiencies. Only time will tell whether the technology can overcome the hype and provide a solution that can be easily adopted and integrated by companies and end users alike.


3.       “AI (Artificial Intelligence). There is real potential here, as the big players like Google, Amazon and IBM are making these available to the market. It will be interesting to see how quickly the industry finds uses for them.”


The potential for using machine learning and robotics within construction is there, and more affordable AI tech could help increase efficiencies and flag issues that may otherwise be missed.


4.       “Drones seeing further use and adoption.”


Construction companies are likely to continue investigating the use of drones, which offer new perspectives and enable safe and accurate inspections of hard to reach areas.


5.       “Data collection and analysis will really start to allow those who have it to build on their gains and will be a key area now in 2018 and beyond. It should be noted that the introduction of legislation, e.g., GDPR, presents challenges, but also opportunities for agile players.”


Classic Folios is continuing to embrace and invest in the future of property by using 2018 to focus on making further improvements to the already popular online residents’ portal, Hoozzi. With a significant number of plots now active on the Hoozzi portal, customer data will be analysed to ensure the best possible service is provided to end users. Watch this space…

The Fusion of Property & Technology

The traditional values of the housing industry are evolving with property technology (proptech). The way purchasers view and buy properties has shifted more towards digital solutions and a surge in the popularity of home gadgets has meant that a smart home lifestyle is now more attainable than ever before. Because of this, proptech experts are advising the housing industry to become more digitally savvy to keep up with the demand of consumers.

Classic Folios, the industry experts of handover solutions, have created Hoozzi, a game-changing online portal, designed to revolutionise the way in which housebuilders foster long term relationships with their customers, offering repeated positive brand experiences. 

Hoozzi delivers more than the average online portal. Hoozzi takes the work off the developers’ hands, providing an outstanding customer service solution that includes detailed, plot-specific information and a broad range of how-to content that reduces the number of queries that may arise throughout the customer journey.

Hoozzi’s innovative functionality keeps everything in one place. From floor plans, paint colours and appliance manuals, to a defect management module, users won't have to look elsewhere for anything home related, saving themselves and the housebuilder from time-consuming phone calls.

Features in Hoozzi have been designed to make the process of moving and living in a new property as easy as possible. Homebuyers will have access to an area guide function that provides local information surrounding their new property, including ratings for schools, demographics, health centres and more. Hoozzi Services helps to arrange a multitude of services and products, from finding a removal company and arranging the installation of broadband and TV services, to selecting the right home and contents insurance.  

Research has shown that it’s not just emails and phone conversations that improve customer care. Consumers want to be able to find out information themselves. Technology allows people to Google a query, finding the answer in seconds. Property developers need to be able to provide answers to queries about a new home in the same capacity.

Whether through social media or mobile technology, consumers expect 24/7 communication for when things go wrong, and this can take up a lot of time for property developers. A notification module on Hoozzi allows housebuilders to communicate directly with the buyer, informing them of road closures or a site issue before the customer needs to make a complaint. This informative technology allows developers to stay ahead of the game, building trust with their customers that increases referrals and repeat purchases.

David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios, commented: “Hoozzi is a product that has evolved with the feedback received from our clients and the need to stay at the top of our game, within the digital age.  Hoozzi has been a real game changer in the market and an excellent way for housebuilders and buyers to keep all aspects of the customer journey on one easy-to-use portal.”

Consumers wish to be wowed by their properties and expect excellent customer service at all times. Classic Folios recognises this and has always had customer care at the heart of everything they do, focusing on making the lives of both property developers and purchasers as easy as possible, earning themselves the position of market leaders in the home handover industry.

2017: A good year for Classic Folios

2017 has been an exciting year, bringing with it lots of change within the property industry, including government reforms to stamp duty and the rise of Property Technology. This year Classic Folios have introduced some great innovations to the New Homes market:

In April, we launched Hoozzi, the online portal that is changing the way developers hand over new properties. The digital solution is white-labelled for our clients and gives consumers a service that provides everything they need to know about moving into and living in their new home in one place, complemented by our traditional reservation and completion content.

Hoozzi has been developed to support property developers in the digital age, providing homebuyers and renters with a service and a handover that is second-to-none. It has been great to see so many of our clients taking advantage of Hoozzi and benefiting from it’s innovative functionality and we look forward to welcoming more of the property industry into the Hoozzi community in 2018.

Hoozzi wasn’t the only new addition to the Classic Folios range. A 3D walkthrough service is now available, a tour that allows users to experience a 360° view of the developments show home, providing access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are now also the proud owner of a Best Industry Supplier trophy, earnt at the 2017 Property & Construction awards. Classic Folios was recognised for always being on time and our support, as well as the quality of our products. David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios commented: “Customer satisfaction is really important to us and we pride ourselves on having a team who go above and beyond for all of our clients.”

We raised money for several charities this year, including Save the Children, the Alzheimer’s Society and Macmillan. The team got stuck in to fundraise with a variety of bake sales, fancy dress days, alongside Christmas Jumper Day and sweepstakes for the Grand National and Wimbledon.

It has been a great year for Classic Folios and we look forward to what 2018 will bring!

Hoozzi Area Guide - The Latest Addition

Hoozzi Area Guide is the latest addition to Hoozzi, providing homebuyers and renters with local information surrounding their new home.

The newest upgrade comes as a default function in Hoozzi and provides reviews and ratings for schools, local restaurants, supermarkets, health centres and more. As well as the best places to visit, users can also view demographics, broadband and council tax, helping them research the area and get settled in.

Hoozzi Area Guide promotes customer care, relieving some of the stress and strain that comes with moving home by providing a more complete buying experience. From the point of sale, through reservation, completion and beyond, your customers have instant access to a personalised tour guide for their new home and the surrounding area.

Using postcode information, Hoozzi Area Guide provides information at a local level with a choice of tabs, pointing them in the direction of schools, housing, health services, green spaces and more. Here they can find reviews, website details and telephone numbers, allowing them to find out as much as they need about their community.

Hoozzi users can take advantage of the Area Guide functionality straight away by logging into their online portal. If you have any feedback or would like more information about the latest Hoozzi functionality, please get in touch. ‍

Hoozzi Services to Launch 27th November

What does Hoozzi Services do?

  • Supports homebuyers during one of life's most stressful events by helping to arrange a multitude of services and products, from finding a removal company and arranging the installation of broadband and TV services, to selecting the right home and contents insurance.   
  • Hoozzi Services consults with well-respected brands, as well as localised suppliers in the UK to arrange quality services and, in most cases, preferential and exclusive rates. 
  • Offers continued support to homebuyers, for as long as you are a Hoozzi client. We will even send out reminders when renewals are due.
  • Provides all this for free.


How does Hoozzi Services work?

  • Your homebuyer selects a service they are interested in.
  • We will then contact the customer by phone within 24 hours to discuss their requirements.
  • Based on the homebuyer’s requirements, we will then find a suitable supplier and, in most cases, provide a quotation.
  • If the homebuyer is happy to proceed, we will then put them in contact with the supplier.
  • After every transaction, we will contact the homebuyer again to ask for their feedback on the service and to rate the supplier.

It’s that simple!  You do not have to do anything: we do it all.


How will Hoozzi Services benefit you?

  • By providing your homebuyer with a more complete buying experience, guiding them through the customer journey from reservation through to completion and beyond.
  • By promoting customer care, emphasising a willingness to go beyond the sale of a new home and alleviate some of the stress that accompanies the moving process.
  • By enhancing your brand. Customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand that has given them an exceptional customer experience and exceeded expectations. 

How do you offer this service to your homebuyers?

  • Hoozzi Services is a default function of the Hoozzi software.
  • Encourage your homebuyers to sign up to Hoozzi from reservation, allowing them to take advantage of services straight away.

We are confident you will agree that Hoozzi Services is a great addition to the Hoozzi platform and will add real value, not just to the end user, but also to your brand.  As always, we welcome your feedback – please contact us if you would like to discuss Hoozzi Services in more detail.


Housebuilder Awards 2017

Classic Folios would like to wish huge congratulations to the clients who received an award at this year’s Housebuilder Awards.

Countryside took home Large housebuilder of the year, alongside the Best design for three storey or fewer award, whilst Crest Nicholson were awarded Best training or recruitment initiative. McCarthy and Stone were also recognised as Best marketing initiative.

The prestigious event on 2nd November was hosted by comedian Al Murray and was attended by over 500 guests to see the results of categories such as Best customer satisfaction initiative, Best retirement scheme and Sustainable housebuilder of the year.

“We’re thrilled to see our clients featuring in so many of the Housebuilder Awards categories and would like to offer our congratulations to those who have won awards, they truly deserve it.”

Classic Folios Christmas Deliveries

Clients of Classic Folios are being reminded about the last dates for Christmas delivery.

The final dispatch day will be the 21st December before the office closes for the Christmas break on the 22nd. To ensure all deliveries arrive before the festive period, orders should be placed by Friday 8th December at the latest.

Classic Folios orders and deliveries will resume as normal from 2nd January 2018.

This year’s prices will be frozen up until the 22nd December before the annual price increase. This brilliant money saving offer is available across all products, fixing 2018 orders at 2017 prices.     

To discuss Christmas deliveries or the price freeze, please contact our Sales or Account Management team on 023 8062 6280.

Classic Folios Scoops Top Supplier Award

We are thrilled to announce that Classic Folios won the Best Industry Supplier prize at the Regional Property and Construction awards 2017 and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us.

The prestigious event, sponsored by prominent names in the industry such as Simply New Homes, Redrow and Reside Construction, acknowledges and recognises best practice, excellent design and exceptional service across all aspects of the property and construction industry.

At Classic Folios, we are dedicated to providing our developers with an effortless handover that supports homebuyers and customer care teams alike. We feel honoured that our clients have recognised us as the Best Industry Supplier offering comments such as: “Always on time and very supportive. Quality products supplied and they are always keen to understand what we want and also looking to the future with innovations.”

David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios commented: “Customer satisfaction is really important to us and we pride ourselves on having a team who go above and beyond for all of our clients. It’s our aim to give homeowners a truly personalised experience, but above all, we value the relationships we have with our clients – we see it as a partnership. I am so proud that we have received this award in recognition of the value that we add to the property industry.”

The awards ceremony and gala dinner was held on 28th September at Portsmouth Guildhall in support of Naomi House and Jacksplace, hospices for children and young adults. Former Premier League footballer Matt Le Tissier and the Lord Mayor, Ken Ellcome, were on stage to present the awards, congratulating the winners, including Best Specialist Contractor, Best Retirement Development and Industry Professional of the Year.

Weston Homes has Partnered With Classic Folios for 16 Years to Achieve Customer Service and Satisfaction Targets.

“At Weston Homes, our aim is to produce high quality homes that appeal to all kinds of buyers, from contemporary styles to traditional builds. We’ve worked with Classic Folios since 2001; they provide us with a quality product that helps us achieve our customer service and satisfaction targets, reflects the homes we handover to our buyers and a service where each team member goes above and beyond.” Weston Homes

Key achievements:

·         A handover that achieves customer service and satisfaction targets

·         Creating a sophisticated handover that complements Weston

·         A trusted supplier and partnership over many years

What was the problem, challenge or objective?

As Weston Homes grew from a small family run business to an established property developer, there became a need to provide buyers with a solution at reservation and completion that would reflect the high quality of the properties being sold and keep customers informed and satisfied throughout the buying process.

What was the solution / products taken?

Reservation Folios:

Weston Homes makes the right impression from the start. By gifting a Folio at reservation, our buyers see straightaway that we’re a housebuilder that cares about them. It’s important for us that our customers feel supported and kept up to date about their new purchase. Reservation manuals provide this with a step-by-step guide to the whole buying journey in an easy to read format. 

Completion Folios:

Completion is often a busy time for both developer and homeowner and completion manuals support both parties. During new build demonstrations, our team can refer buyers to their Folios, ensuring they know where to find the most important information about their new home a few days later / when they need it when they’re not as distracted by moving in. The attention to detail that Classic Folios’ team of editors add to the content helps Weston Homes hit customer service and satisfaction targets, as well as reducing the number of queries to our care teams.


Our homes have always reflected the latest innovative technologies and we’re now in the process of considering Hoozzi, Classic Folios’ online portal. We understand the need to keep up to date in a digital age and it makes sense to consolidate everything through one supplier, who we know and trust. With such a longstanding partnership over the last 16 years, the two companies have evolved together, allowing Classic Folios to act as a consultant for Weston Homes and advising us on the best online options.

About Weston Homes

Set up in 1987, Weston Homes committed to regenerating already developed brownfield sites, with homes designed to a high specification, incorporating the latest innovative technologies.

Classic Folios Exhibits at RESI Conference 2017

Classic Folios exhibits at RESI Conference 2017

The RESI Conference 2017 is set to feature the biggest names in the industry and numerous discussions about the expected future of the housing sector. A political presentation from new housing and planning minister Alok Sharma, will outline how he plans to reshape UK housing policy and provide updates on Brexit and the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Held at the Celtic Manor in Newport on 13th-15th September, the conference will be “the only place to discuss the impact of technology within the residential sector” and that’s why Classic Folios is exhibiting this year.

David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios commented: “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at RESI this year, especially at a time when PropTech is raising the stakes for many businesses. We’ll be showcasing the latest game-changing technology, including our new online portal Hoozzi and our innovative virtual reality walkthrough, detailing how these will change the way homeowners buy and live in their new homes.”

Working with over 250 developers in the UK, including 6 of the top 10, Classic Folios looks forward to seeing some of the biggest housing developers, housebuilders and housing associations who will be attending the RESI event, welcoming clients and new faces alike. If you’d like to organise a demo of our digital solutions, email our sales manager Fiona Hall on or drop by on the day to see what the market leaders are offering.

CALA Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Satisfaction by Consolidating Handover Through Classic Folios.

“We’re incredibly proud of the homes we build and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We believe that the buyer should feel supported from the point of reservation and long after they move into their new home, and that’s exactly what Classic Folios’ products provide. The team has been great, especially our Account Manager Alison, who has provided us with training to ensure we use the guides and online portal to their full potential.”  CALA Homes

Key achievements:

·         Online and offline solutions allow home buyers to access information about their home when they need it

·         Great continuation of brand representation

·         Enhancing a professional handover that has been standardised across all regions

What was the problem, challenge or objective?

CALA Homes was seeking to improve the customer journey with a solution that represented the high quality of its homes. The previous handover solution - a branded box that stored agency written content and inserts – required an uplift to embrace the digital age and offer the level of customer service and support that CALA felt its new home owners deserve.

What was the solution / products taken?

Online: Understanding our customer’s need to access information on the go, we decided to provide an online solution through myHomefiles - we will be making the move to Hoozzi in the near future. The implementation of an online portal allows our buyers to access information about their new home from a phone, tablet or computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reservation and Completion Folios: New home buyers love showing friends and family the reservation and completion guides. They also act as a sales and marketing tool and have increased referrals and customer satisfaction rates. Providing more than a pink slip of paper at reservation reiterates to our purchasers that they’ve made the right decision buying from CALA Homes and makes them feel supported throughout the customer journey.

Training: The training from Classic Folios has been invaluable to the teams at CALA Homes. With a more detailed understanding of the products, our sales staff can ensure that our buyers are making the most of their handover documents, which in turn reduces calls to our customer service teams.

About CALA Homes

CALA Homes is one of the UK’s leading housebuilders, providing buyers with high-quality, award-winning new homes in sought-after locations across England and Scotland.

One Portal. Lots of Possibilities.

‍Since the launch of our online portal, Hoozzi, back in April, we've seen a huge take up from developers who are keen to bring customer care into the digital age.

‍During this time, our new product experts have been working hard to maximise the benefits from the portal and created even more excellent functionality options.

‍Hoozzi has been designed to keep the relationship between house builder and buyer alive; it offers repeat brand experiences, reservation and completion information and relevant communications throughout all stages of the customer journey.

‍As market leaders, we understand that property developers with proactive communications programmes have higher customer satisfaction ratings. With Hoozzi, developers can easily send notifications to individual plots or even entire developments, making it easy to address issues such as road closures or building work taking place on site.

Automated emails sent from the point of reservation keep your buyers in the know about the next steps towards living in their new home and share handy 'how to' guides, from cleaning tips to the latest design ideas.

The latest 3D walkthrough technology offering a 360° view inside a development's show home is an ideal property marketing tool, providing 24/7 access to those who have just reserved their new home, as well as interactive appliance how-to videos that we commission just for you.

Providing all handover documents in an online portal gives buyers the flexibility to access information whenever it's convenient to them, whether they're in a DIY store on their phone, looking for the paint colour in their bedroom, or finding the emergency contact number on their tablet when their boiler breaks down.

‍Hoozzi is everything home, instantly.

Classic Folios Launches VR Home Tours

We’re thrilled to present the next generation of property browsing. 

Our home demonstration tech is an excellent property marketing tool, as well as delivering remote buyer engagement for those who have reserved. The tour allows users to experience a 360° view of the developments show home, providing access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Created with state of the art technology, our new virtual reality home viewing concept increases sales for property developers selling off plan, providing reassurance to buyers, especially those who aren’t local to the area.

At a time when a buyer is most excited, but also nervous about the purchase they’ve just made, allow them to take a tour through the property and proudly show their new home to friends and family, reducing buyer remorse and increasing customer referrals.

It’s now never been easier for homeowners to access everything about their home in one place. By viewing their virtual new home, users can click onto appliances where an instructive video will load, showing them how to use products such as their dishwasher, thermostat etc.

Our virtual reality project began in July when we worked with Higgins Homes to bring a new dimension to their handovers. Since then, the latest home demonstration technology has sparked a lot of interest amongst property developers across the UK.

Andrew Cridge, New Product Manager commented: “Virtual reality home demos are an ideal solution for the housebuilding industry. We can create immersive experiences for homebuyers which feel as real as being in the property. We strongly believe this is the future of property marketing and is a great addition to our resident’s portal Hoozzi, where we continue to support homebuyers throughout the customer journey”.

Ibex Homes Go Digital

After making the decision to go digital and provide homebuyers with Android tablets and Hoozzi, we went to visit Simon Harding at Twin Oaks, the latest development by Ibex Homes, to see why they made the change.

Ibex Homes has partnered with Classic Folios since 2010, taking completion manuals for many years. Recently the Southampton based developer made the switch to a tablet solution integrated with the new online portal, as it made sense to provide a product that works alongside their digital homes. 

Hoozzi is Classic Folios’ brand new online portal and we’re thrilled to see the opportunities that this can provide for our clients, including Ibex Homes. Completing at the end of June, the buyers at Twin Oaks were the first to experience the developers change to a digital handover.

The tablet/Hoozzi combo will enable the purchasers at Twin Oaks to access plot-specific information, how to videos for appliances and new home care tips, as well as receive instant notifications from Ibex Homes about their plot or development.

Women in Construction

It is fair to say that women have overcome a lot of challenges throughout the years, fighting for equal rights, equal pay and against the stereotype that they belong in the kitchen. Whilst gender equality has made great upward progress, there are still some cracks in the foundation, including the numbers of women working in construction.

Reports showed that older men were being over relied on in construction and with an estimate of 700,000 more people needed to fill jobs, it’s now ever more urgent to recruit more women and young people into the industry to prevent a workplace crisis in the UK.

Currently, approximately half of the world’s workforce is female, but according to Forbes, it is estimated that only 24% of senior business roles are held by women. In the UK construction industry the imbalance is huge – just 11% of all employees are female and only a small portion of women have manual trade jobs. Why is this?

When a survey was carried out on London’s Oxford Street in 2005, asking 50 women ‘Do you want a job in construction?’, well over half of them said ‘no’. When asked to choose words to describe why, ‘dangerous’ and ‘macho’ were among the highest. It therefore seems the traditionally masculine elements of the industry are putting some women off.

However, the nature of work within the building industry is changing. The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) found that the modern construction industry actually relies less on physical strength and more on brainpower and ideas. The industry employs around 14.1 million people in Europe and can offer challenging roles with good career progression, so CITB focus on working with schools to promote this path from a young age, especially aiming to dispel the masculine stereotype of the industry in order to attract girls.

Efforts are also being made to correct the gender imbalance across the entire UK workforce. As of 2016, all publicly listed companies have to enforce a 30% female quota within their management boards. If one of these companies is unable to find an appropriate female candidate for a position, this seat must remain vacant until a suitable woman is found.

The future therefore looks hopeful, so we should see more women in the building industry. With the right promotion and education, more women will be encouraged to take up challenging and exciting construction roles. At Classic Folios we will keep an eye on the trend and report any new developments in this area.

Are Your Buyers in the Know About their New Build Warranties?

Changes to the Consumer Code ensure that the rights of new homebuyers are protected during what is likely to be the biggest purchase of their lives so far. However, the 2017 Homeowner Survey concluded that many homeowners still feel in the dark about their warranties.

According to the survey, conducted by YouGov for HomeOwners Alliance and BLP Insurance, nearly 50 per cent of buyers of new residential properties expect the 10-year warranty to cover minor snagging issues, but most warranties only protect against defects affecting the structure of the home.

At Classic Folios, we pride ourselves in building relationships between the developer and their buyers. The content that we provide comes from 20 years of industry knowledge and a team of experts who research and compile all the information a homeowner could ever need about their property.

We don’t agree with jargon. Our concisely written completion documents match the developer’s branding, so the buyer can easily access details about their warranties, as well as how to manage new property defects, such as cracks in walls that appear during the drying out process.

The survey results show that many consumers are not aware that builders are responsible for defects within the first two years. With developer and development led content from Classic Folios, customers are provided with relevant phone numbers in case of emergencies, such as electric or plumbing issues.

Our products are designed to reduce your customer service costs by helping buyers understand their property and find the information they need quickly, without the need to pick up the phone to your support teams.

Keeping Our Clients Compliant with the Consumer Code

The Consumer Code for Home Builders first came into effect in April 2010 and is an industry led code of conduct designed to protect buyers of new homes and keep them informed regarding their purchase. In April 2017, an updated Consumer Code was published, containing several alterations made in response to feedback from homebuyers and the evolution of the housing industry.

As market leaders, with over 20 years of experience in the property handover industry, our goal is to make sure our clients are always armed with the right knowledge. With bespoke, branded new home documents, we help our clients provide the perfect handover experience; your buyers will have everything they need to know about their new home, whilst ensuring you as a developer are compliant with the newly updated Consumer Code.


We understand that your house buyers need to be covered by the Code from the point of reserving a property, which is why we ensure our reservation manuals help support your customers when they’re most likely to experience buyer’s remorse.

“Knowledge of the presence of the Code Scheme” has been declared “inadequate” by mystery shopping surveys and there have been complaints made about fees that aren’t made clear, such as “deferred management charges and fees on resale or transfer of leases.” There is now a requirement that “any such ‘event fees’ are declared at Reservation stage.”

All our reservation products present the Code clearly and ensure buyers are aware of their rights and the service they can expect from the developer.


Our homeowner manuals offer comprehensive information to homebuyers, so they have instant access to everything about their new home from day one. The detailed content covers key information, from warranty details to who they should contact if the boiler breaks, ensuring the customer is fully informed in line with the Consumer Code.

Comments from the latest review of the Code described “frequent issues arising regarding the ‘completeness’ of the Home at handover.” The updated Code now advises that “the Home Builder should explain to the Home Buyer that there may be minor items outstanding within the Home… and explain what arrangements they will make for completing them.” All our content can include any outstanding details and contains information on what the buyer should expect with minor issues, such as cracks appearing during the drying out period of their new home.

Other comments on the Code review stated that “the Home Builder should also make it clear that they are responsible for remedying relevant defects arising under the Home Warranty defect period” and that “Home Builders should now give the Home Buyer the health-and-safety file for the Home”. With easy to understand home warranty information and safety advice, our homeowner manuals ensure you’re fully covered.

There is also a new definition of a ‘vulnerable customer’, for example someone who is visually impaired, whose needs “should be considered at all times”. We’re big believers in providing a product that is suitable for everyone and can provide large print or simplified manuals for those who require it.

Another Great Year with Weston Homes

It’s a proud moment when a client signs an order for the 16th year running, and Classic Folios is absolutely thrilled to continue its partnership with Weston Homes. The two companies have worked together since 2001 to provide an informative, stress free handover to Weston Homes’ buyers.  

With over 20 years in business, producing new home handover information for house builders across the UK, Classic Folios’ expertise and knowledge continues to grow with great client relationships, including that from Weston Homes.


Creating the Perfect Experience is More Than Just Selling a Great Property

Did you know that 85% of people rely on the opinions of their friends or family before they make a purchase? Referrals come from positive sales experiences, but also from aftercare. At Classic Folios, we’re here to support you and your buyers to create the perfect experience throughout the customer journey.

Not all new experiences are risky. Make the jump today.

We understand that reviewing any process can fill you with dread. At Classic Folios, we are experts at creating the perfect home buying experience, without any of the risk. Our experienced Sales, Editorial, Production and Account Management teams are there to support you and your customers all the way through the buying journey, from filling out checklists, to staff training. The aim? To take all the work off your hands, allowing you to spend more time on everything else!

Our homeowner content is designed to support your handover demonstrations and reduce customer queries to your service teams, giving your buyers access to everything they need to settle and live in their new home. Whether you hand over a beautiful leather manual, a sleek intuitive tablet or our game-changing online portal, your homeowner will have all the information they need in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Going the extra mile by leaving a welcome gift is sure to make your new homeowners smile. We consolidate all your handover documents, alongside beautiful and unique gifts, branded to keep you in your buyer’s mind. Flowers, coffee hampers or a champagne and flute set? We tailor all our products to meet your needs as a developer.

Take a look at the customer journey and see how our products can help you create the perfect experience.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Classic Folios, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new online portal, Hoozzi. 

Replacing myHomefiles, Hoozzi has been designed to revolutionise the way in which house builders foster long term relationships with their customers, whilst offering repeat brand experiences.  

Hoozzi will help to keep the relationship between the house builder and buyer alive and reduce the number of queries that may arise throughout the customer journey.  Detailed, plot specific information, as well as a range of how-to content, allows the buyer to easily resolve common problems, saving themselves and the house builder time-consuming calls. 

Not only is the portal easy to use, it also keeps everything in one place.  Classic Folios preloads all reservation and completion information and the notification module allows house builders to communicate directly with the buyer.  The portal is available on any online device and is designed to improve communications and engagement, whilst building brand affinity for the house builder. 

The new revolutionary system is aesthetically beautiful.  Its modern and sleek interface encourages users to engage over and over, increasing return on investment for house builders.  The intuitive simplicity of the portal enables its users to access information about their new home, from activating the warranty on their appliances, to checking the paint colours used in their bathroom.

David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios, commented: “I’m thrilled to see the business launch the next generation of our online portal – a product that has evolved with the feedback received from our clients and the need to stay at the top of our game, within the digital age.  This latest addition will be a real game changer in the market and an excellent way for house builders and buyers to keep all aspects of the customer journey on one easy-to-use portal.”

Ten-Point Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis

To meet the required housing target by 2020, the government need to build 250,000 properties each year. Housing professionals are encouraging politicians to take bolder steps to hit this target and to beat the property shortage crisis in the UK.

The Housing Forum released a press release, ‘Future proofing housing supply’, putting forward an advisory ten-point plan that could guide the government to success. One key feature suggests removing the decision of elected officials when planning applications with fewer than 250 properties are at stake. Instead, this should be determined by the officers, ultimately removing politics from housing.

Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive of The Housing Forum commented: “We need to lift housing output to levels not seen since the late 1970s. That needs bold actions and brave decisions.”

The ten solutions put forward are:

1. Take party politics out of housing strategy and delivery by creating cross-party housing groups and removing elected members from decision making on some planning applications.

2. Government to appoint a Housing Minister to the Cabinet and directly commission new homes on public sector land.

3. All local authorities must become more pro-active leaders of housing supply. The housing sector needs all local members and council officers to capitalise on this position and drive housing supply.

4. Create a single voice for the housing industry. A single message delivered by a new housing industry body would enable clear, powerful and effective communication with Government.

5. Government and industry to implement the Farmer Review’s call for modernisation of housebuilding skills and technology to address the looming skills crisis.

6. Local authorities should be encouraged to sell land by judging potential buyers against ‘best value’ factors including the speed of delivery of new homes.

7. Central and local government to revise the planning system so it favours increased supply including PRS / Build for rent and encourages the allocation of sites of different sizes so as to attract interest from a range of builders.

8. Government to agree a long-term, large-scale capital investment plan for housing for the next 10 years.

9. Give local authorities the financial mechanisms to directly commission new housing and greater freedom for risk sharing with the private sector.

10. Create a centre of excellence for procurement expertise for use across the sector.

David Graydon, Managing Director of Classic Folios commented: “As market leaders, we’re fully supportive of the actions that are being taken to increase the badly needed housing supply. As we work alongside over 200 clients, we see the dip caused by Brexit and stamp duty changes and understand that action needs to be taken.”

Red Nose Day at Classic Folios

Never one to miss an opportunity to raise some money for charity, the Classic Folios team turned up to work in their pyjamas for Red Nose Day.

From dinosaur onesies to red pug t-shirts, the team dressed up, well down, for the occasion, paying a £1 to do so. As well as everyone donned in their pj’s, everyone was encouraged to bring in their best bakes, decorated red to match the theme of Comic Relief.

Alison, former Classic Folios Bake Off winner and Senior Customer Services Manager, won the cake competition with a lovely Victoria sponge with cherries on top, whilst Lorna, our Junior Editorial Assistant received the best dressed prize for her giraffe onesie.

In total, Classic Folios raised £104.32, which contributed to the grand total of £71million raised by Comic Relief, a record amount since the charity was founded in 1985 by Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis to help fight poverty.

Classic Folios will continue to fundraise across the year in a bid to support worthy causes throughout 2017.

New conveyancing platform claims to reduce fall-throughs by 75%

Spaciable Legal is available to agents, home buyers and sellers as well as its core market, new homes developers, and is part of the Spaciable app and online service created by Classic Folios.

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Spaciable launches new tool to speed up conveyancing process

SPACIABLE LEGAL is a new feature which uses ground-breaking technology to take the conveyancing process online, improving efficiency and transparency, and reducing completion times.

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New conveyancing platform aims to help buyers beat stamp duty deadline

In an attempt to provide an effective and quick solution to streamline the process, Classic Folios has teamed up with WeCOMPLETE, a digital property completion platform, to produce a new conveyancing tool, Spaciable Legal, which has launched this week.

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