What Can be Done?

While smart home technology is evident in many new builds, there is still significant uncharted PropTech territory for many developers, who are yet to discover an array of products and systems that can take their brand and customer service to the next level.

Online Portals

In line with the increasingly demanding nature of consumers, homeowners expect instant access to the information about their new home, answers to their questions, and an easy line of communication with the developer and their suppliers.

Online portals, such as Hoozzi, help homebuyers and homeowners connect with their purchase from reservation through to completion and beyond, while providing them with access to important documents relating to their new home and its fixtures and fittings, fulfilling the consumer demand of having everything in one place.  Hoozzican also be accessed on smart phones and tablets, giving it an ‘on the go’ appeal to homeowners.  Hoozzicarries the additional benefit of being future-proof, as it can be easily and quickly updated if items change, while the library can be added to at any time, keeping everything relevant.

Virtual Reality

Arguably the vogue technology of the modern age, virtual reality is permeating gaming, experience days, and now the property industry.

Classic Folios offer 360˚ walkthroughs of properties, which can be used as either a marketing tool or an innovative source of information for homebuyers and homeowners.  The walkthrough can either be viewed online in an interactive 3D rendering or through a virtual reality headset for an immersive experience, placing the buyer within their new home without the need to visit the site.

Bespoke videos can be created as experience enhancing add-ons, whereby Classic Folios will film and edit instructional videos that demonstrate the home’s fixtures and systems.  As of February 2019, searching “how to” on Google Videos yields approximately 2,710,000,000 results. The vast popularity of instructional videos, as opposed to written instructions, may prompt property developers to revise how they present information to their customers.

iPads and Tablets

It is projected that there will be 1.28 billion tablet users worldwide by 2021, up from 0.66 billion in 2013.  The steadily rising trend in the number of tablet users suggests the device is becoming increasingly integral to people’s everyday lives, functioning as a news source, entertainment hub and communications tool. The capacity and multi-functionality of tablets mean they can act as powerful handover solutions, providing homebuyers and homeowners with access to a plethora of information about their home, while serving the various other functions that have made the device a common household object.

The compatibility of iPads and tablets with other PropTechproducts, such as online portals, smart home technology and 360˚ walkthroughs has made the device a popular example of PropTechthat developers have embraced.