Video Production

We can produce a series of How To videos, allowing you to give your customers the answers or show them what they need to know instantly.

How to Videos

We commission bespoke videos for your brand, which enable homeowners to self-serve by simply clicking an interactive tag.  We can produce a series of How To videos exclusively for your development, allowing you to give your customers the answers or show them what they need to know instantly.  The speed at which you can resolve your customers’ queries and problems is essential for delivering good customer service. Our How To videos reinforce your home demonstrations and reduce the amount of calls to your aftercare team.

Whether it’s information about appliances or how to use the boiler, we manage the entire video filming and editing process to provide one-off instructive footage for your home demonstration.

Our videos are made with a team of professional TV presenters, which reflects well on your development and brand, as well as a professional crew filming in 4K Ultra HD for unparalleled picture and clarity. We also carry out pre-site visits and checks to make sure that we convey everything you need in your videos.

Fly-through Videos

Fly-through videos are becoming very popular and have a wide range of potential uses.
The camera seemingly floats through the air and provides an incredibly graceful tour from a first-person point of view. Our camera crew operates a state-of-the-art motorised camera stabiliser, which allows the cameraman to take the viewer on a tour of your development’s facilities.

Key Benefits

•    All our videos can be added on to your Spaciable portal and on to your development
•    Excel against your competitors.
•    Benefit from an amazing finished product, without any of the hard work.
•    Give your customers a world class experience.
•    Reduce calls into your aftercare and sales teams

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