Making a difference starts in the garden

Our Sustainable Garden Gifts are a wonderful way to show your customers you care about them and the environment.

As environmental measures become a bigger selling point for homebuyers, these gifts are the natural choice.

What Our Sustainable Garden Gifts Do for Your Business

  • Save staff time; packages will be delivered direct to site in time for move in day
  • Reflect your commitment to the environment and improve your ESG credentials
  • Encourage a discussion around sustainability amongst homeowners
  • Enhance the handover experience and turn customers into long term supporters of your brand
  • Provides a genuine thank you to your homebuyers

What Our Sustainable Garden Gifts Do for Homeowners

  • Cement buying decisions and enhance brand reputation leading to recommendations and referrals
  • Help them establish sustainable daily habits
  • Provides them with something to share on social media and create ‘moments’
  • Improve the ecology on the development

What Our Sustainable Garden Gifts Include

A Bee Barn

We rely heavily on bees for pollinating our crops, which makes it troubling to learn than 35 UK bee species are under threat of extinction.  Bee Barns provide a safe haven for all types of solitary bees, so they can take shelter and create a home.  The Barns are made using sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood and provide a quaint and attractive addition to any garden.

The future of bees is reliant on domestic gardens becoming bee-friendly nature reserves, and with these Bee Barns, you can help your homeowners turn their gardens into exactly that.

A Wildlife Guide

Teach your homeowners about the visitors to their garden with an informative and beautifully presented Wildlife Guide, so they can create environments in which nature’s friends can thrive.

A Wildflower Pack

Help your homeowners create colourful displays in their gardens with a seed pack of easy-to-grow UK native wildflower seeds, so they can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful environment that attracts bees, butterflies and wild birds.

Seed packs include:

  • Corn Marigold
  • Corn Chamomile
  • Cornflower
  • Corn Poppy
  • Ox-Eye Daisy
  • Corn Cockle

A perfect gift for green-fingered enthusiasts and homeowners looking to take up a new hobby alike.

A Jute Bag in Your Branding

Present these stunning gifts in a reusable jute bag made from 100% recyclable material, adorned with a mono printing of your branding, reminding homeowners of the exceptional customer experience they received.

Jute is one of the strongest, natural fibres, as well as one of the most sustainable, making it the perfect eco-friendly fabric.

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