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Arokah is an acclaimed multi-puzzle game, using beautifully designed shapes to create extraordinary patterns and designs.

Compared to the Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku by International Chess Grandmaster, Ray Keene OBE, Arokah is as addictive as it is challenging, using the elements formed within a hexagon to create patterns resembling flowers and snowflakes, while providing the mental health benefits of regular engagement with puzzles.

This innovative game, based on a naturally occurring phenomenon, is being studied by mathematicians at the University of Cambridge, and is popular amongst all ages, with various levels and challenges to master.

The puzzle is contained with an elegant wooden board, which also functions as a conversation-starting decorative piece.

What Arokah Does for Your Business

  • Increases survey scores by demonstrating extra consideration in your customer care
  • Distinguishes your brand from competitors by thinking outside the box
  • Improves ESG credentials, by providing a domestically produced, reusable gift at handover
  • Encourages conversation and social media interaction from engaged homebuyers
  • Appeal to new generations of homebuyers, with 37% of puzzle app users being in the 25-34 y/o age bracket

What Arokah Does for Your Homebuyers

  • Provides a fun break from the unpacking
  • Engages the mind, following in the footsteps of recent daily brainteaser trends such as Wordle – studies show that people who do puzzles have brain function equivalent to 10 years younger than their age
  • Doubles up as an attractive decorative item
  • Keeps children entertained and occupied during the moving-in process

Each board contains 23 wooden Arokah shapes, 12 puzzles, 3 master challenges, a double-sided playing board and a welcome guide with instructions.

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