Make eco living easy and enjoyable

Our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts help you make sure your new homeowners start life in their home with the environment in mind.

More and more homebuyers are influenced by a developer’s environmental credentials when choosing their next home.  With our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts, we can help you make sure you stand out as a responsible developer, while helping new homeowners reduce the environmental impact of their daily habits.

What Our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts Do for Your Business

  • Increase appeal to prospective buyers and investors by improving ESG credentials
  • Save time creating in-house welcome packages
  • Secure more referrals from environmentally-conscious homeowners

What Our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts Do for Your Homeowners

  • Make it easy to adopt sustainable habits from day one in their new home
  • Demonstrate their value as a customer
  • Feel-good factor of using some of the best eco alternatives to everyday items on the market

What Our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts Include

  • Bamboo adult toothbrushes
  • Natural hand and body soap
  • Bamboo soap dish
  • Eco-friendly toilet roll
  • Natural shampoo soap bar
  • Laundry egg
  • Bamboo cotton buds
  • Bio-care washing up liquid

With each package, new homeowners can make a tangible change to their daily habits from the day of completion, with a reduced dependence on plastics and other non-sustainable materials going forward.

Our Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gifts are the perfect embodiment of everyone’s shared responsibility for reducing carbon emissions and a statement of commitment to securing a greener future.

How Much Are the Eco Lifestyle Welcome Gift Boxes?

Each box is just £45 excluding VAT.

Further customisation options may be available upon request.

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