Octagon Developments

Octagon bring their builds to life with Classic Folios’ innovative, 3D walkthrough technology.

Octagon Developments

Key achievements:

innovative solution that allows buyers 24/7 access to their new           home before

sales and marketing tool to use on the Octagon website

continuation of brand representation

What was the problem, challenge or

have a lot of international clients based overseas, and also very busy,
time-challenged prospective purchasers living here in the UK, so being able to
offer a virtual tour and a lifelike perspective of the homes is a great tool. Clients
can ‘preview’ the property before committing to a physical viewing.

trialling the virtual reality technology at Bishops Row in Fulham, Octagon were
delighted with the result - the images were bright, clear and the system was
easy to use. 

What was the solution / products

Octagon have a reputation of being
bespoke, luxurious and innovative, completing their homes with contemporary
interiors that feature the latest gadgets and appliances. A great way to
showcase this was by using a 3D walkthrough, a feature that attaches to the
online homeowner portal, Spaciable. 

can log in to the portal, where they are able to access detailed information on
their new home, as well as view a dollhouse image and floorplan from a 360˚
angle.  The technology encourages homeowners
to re-engage with Octagon’s brand and acts as an excellent referral tool, as
family and friends of the buyer take the impressive virtual tour through the

dollhouse and floorplan view of Bishops Row now sits proudly on Octagon’s
website, acting as a sales and marketing tool for new properties.

About Octagon

Octagon is
an award-winning housebuilder with nearly 40 years’ experience, specialising in
luxury family homes throughout Greater London and the Home Counties.

As a leading developer in the luxury property market, staying ahead of the latest technology is essential to us as a consumer business. Being able to offer tried and tested, top of the range equipment to our clients is invaluable – the Octagon customer is looking for the very best. With Classic Folios, an already trusted supplier for over 12 years, we consolidated our handover and virtual tours to create a 3D walkthrough video for our new flagship development of 9 townhouses in Fulham.