Developers Affected By Crossrail

While Evening Standard reported that good progress was being made on the new London Underground line,despite concerns about Bond Street, New Civil Engineer highlighted some of the issues affecting Crossrail 2, the line that will link London with Surrey and Hertfordshire, due to the diversion of funding to complete the original Crossrail project.  They have also recently reported on the‘unacceptable implications for the Elizabeth Line, caused by the possible termination of the High Speed 2 service at Old Oak Common.

The concerns about Bond Street initially centred on whether or not the station would be safe enough to use as an emergency evacuation route but a recent Metro article suggests much more immediate safety fears, with five workers allegedly dying in their sleep over the past six months, prompting colleagues to demand an investigation and refusing to work.

It’s a lot to unpack.  What’s being sensationalised?  What’s being said to save face?  What does it mean for your development?

The first two questions invite a lot of guesswork and accusations.  The third question, though, is a bit more productive to speculate.  For starters, it may affect plans for advertising space or selling points that can be used in marketing literature.  It may prolong noise pollution and construction work near a development.  You may have to rethink travel packs you provide to new homeowners.

Classic Folios can help you address these issues by providing expertly written content and research that includes safety information around construction areas and sustainable transport advice, while Spaciable’s notifications function allows admins to keep residents updated with the latest news affecting the development.